September Brisbane Box!

My gorgeous and funny friend, Miss SC in Brisbane, sent me another beauty box for the month of September! As you might remember way back when I started this blog, Miss SC and I began trading beauty boxes as a way to keep ourselves entertained while she was in Brisbane, and just because it's nice to get a parcel in the mail!

Here's what I got in this month's Brissie Box - the theme? 'Cheer up love':

1) Finesse Tissues - always handy for keeping in my bag. I must confess that I'm one of those people who would always keep a pack of tissues on me, so it's perfect!
2) 1 Lindt chocolate ball - not pictured, because I devoured it at work!
3) 1 T2 English Breakfast tea bag - perfect for when you want that cuppa!
4) Royal Moroccan Shampoo sachet - this is an interesting one - great little travel one-off, and I've never tried this brand before!
5) Nude by Nature powder blush in Virgin Blush - bit of a messy contraption! This powdery blush goes everywhere, but does add a lovely shine. I think Nude by Nature makeup agrees with my skin - just my luck that Miss SC's skin is a little more sensitive than mine!
6) Scarfkerchief? - bit of a scarf, bit of a handkerchief. In summary, something wonderful to tie onto my suitcase so that I can recognize it faster at the carousels!
7) Paula's Choice Earth Sources Cleansing Gel - I have to say, sometimes I really love these little sachets! Great for overnight stays - less to carry back on planes!

A very satisfactory and generous box from Miss SC! What have you done lately to remind a friend that you think of her?