Priceline - 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty

 Priceline - is there anything you CAN’T do? On Thursday, Priceline held their mega event for 30 days of fashion and beauty, pitching a massive marquee over at Martin Place here in Sydney.
By donating a gold coin to their charity, or as the case was, a note (there were lots of notes!), you got a goody bag filled with stuff and you could then go around and get a makeover done!
I got falsies put on, as well as my hair done. Here’s where I got my falsies done:

The guy who did it was lovely, and he placed the Selena lashes on me from the Glam Manicare range. They were insane! Mr Prince said I looked like a drag queen, but I thought they were pretty! Here’s what they looked like on with my eye make up of the day:

All in all, a great time out!

Did you head to Martin Place? What did you get done?