Priceline haul and girlfriends

Ahh… Spending time with your girlfriends is the way to go on your day off. I met up with the gorgeous Miss KH (Kinda Hilarious) last week, had a Boost smoothie and mooched around the stores in Bondi Junction. When we popped into Priceline, we got to talking about skin care, and it transpired that she wasn’t into regular moisturizing! Needless to say, while this wasn’t my first rodeo (yes, there are others I know who don’t do it often), I was still taken aback.

I had to do for her what my sister did for me when I was young - dropped everything and bought her some SPF 15 moisturizer, facial wipes with almond and eye makeup remover (it turned out that she didn’t always remove her makeup either). Eep. In return, I got this for free as part of their promotion:

See? Not entirely selfless! I’m been looking at trying the Clarisonic, then the other one, which is now quite popular, by Olay, so it was nice to be able to get this, and help someone else out at the same time!

While I was there, I managed to get:

Sanctuary Spa is currently at buy one, get one free, so this was perfect! I’ve heard really good things about the micro-abrasion polish, so it’s really good timing. Additionally, I managed to pick up:

All at $0.99 each! Bargain!

I then rounded out the day meeting up with Mrs SGF, who lived up to her name by buying me a packet of My Little Pony cookies. What a true friend!