Lust Have It! September Box!

Whee! Hello, my gorgeous girlies! As I type this, my wonderful ginger boy is lying on my laptop and potentially ruining my post, but who cares - he's adorable!

Here's what he looks like:

Isn't he a stunner? Now, on to the point of this post - my September Lust Have It box! This arrived in the mail today, ahead of Bellabox (unheard of, really!), and into my eager hands!
As you can see, they are still using up all the old packaging. There is apparently new packaging coming next month - I can't wait! My old boxes are currently storing my nail polishes.

What a mix of stuff this month! And you can already see some great products on this card, so let's move on to the items themselves.

An overview of the box.

And a close up of the box

Even better, a sneak peek for next month's box, so we already have something to look forward to!

So here's a breakdown of what's in the box:
1) Wotnot Natural Organic Facial Wipes 5 pack - perfect for long weekends! I've received this before, and it's without a doubt, my favourite set of facial wipes. I love them! Moisturizing and does the job, all at the same time.

2) Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover 29ml - It's supposed to be gentle on the eyes and remove all of your makeup. I hope it doesn't leave an oily residue!

3) L'Oreal Base Magique Primer 5ml - I actually received this in an earlier Bellabox, and it's already in my makeup bag for my long weekend away, so I can tell you all about it when I get back!

4) L'Oreal Infallible Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige 1ml - not sure that this is my colour, but I can certainly pass this onto someone else.

5) Bioderma Sebium Purifying Foaming Gel 10ml - I've never tried this before, so I'm looking forward to cracking it out!

6) Bioderma Sebium Purifying Corrective Care 5 ml - I'm actually not sure how to use this - do I leave it on/clean it off/use it as mask? I'm going to have to look into it!

7) RPR Leave-in Moisturiser in Tangerine Souffle 200ml full size - yum! How tasty does it sound? I love leave in hair care, so I'll definitely be using this, and soon, as my old stuff is just about to run out!

8) LHI Synthetic Precision Brush - yay! I love brushes. I hope this one works out well!

9) Bonus product TOM Organic Regular Tampons - I got the same thing in my last Bellabox, and they will go on to my sister as well. I'm a bit ick about tampons!

And that's it! What did you get, lovelies? Are you happy with your box and how many of the items will you use?