Everything else from this week!

Another Sunday, another post!

Earlier this week, while still reeling from my overseas haul, I hopped into Target to mooch around the store and found myself a little gem!

Say hello to my new friend, the totes smokin’ Australis palette! A bargain at $4 (you read it right!) from $10, I HAD to have it! Have a closer look at this little beauty:

And just so you know how pretty it is inside:

What a steal! I did test out the kit in store and it was really quite a nice consistency. I think I’m going to get a lot of mileage out of this one. Really, at that price, I paid 50 cents per eyeshadow!

Also, the lovely Miss Stupid Vegan (seriously, I need to change this acronym, but she picked it herself!) gifted a Fyrinnae finishing powder to me. As someone who has only just started using powder again (and just for fun!), this is going to be a good one! There is a bit of a shimmer going on in them. Here’s what my hand looks like without it:

And this is one with it swatched and rubbed in - you can just see a glimmer:

Isn’t it pretty? Here is it on my finger (a bit blurry, sorry) and the powder in jar itself:

It’s so gorgeous! And so is Miss SV - I’ve also got a little surprise for her tucked up my sleeve for our trip to Melbourne at the end of the month. She’s going to love it! It’s also driving her crazy that there’s a surprise, but she doesn’t know what it is yet! Haha… For anyone interested in out there colours and great service, Fyrinnae is the place to go!

Last, but not least, here’s what I got from Victoria’s Secret! Nothing sexy, I’m afraid, but a bunch of things to support the New England Patriots!

Whew! For any worried readers out there, I can assure you that I’m not in any debt (aside from my shared mortgage), and that I have a job that I love, which does good for my heart, bank account and soul.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!