Review: Skinvitals H-revive Face Mask Sheet

Time for another face mask sheet review! Buoyant after the face mask I tried from Etude House, I decided to try one available here in Australia. They are currently on sale in Priceline at $1.99 each.
The first thing I noticed was that the mask was reasonably moist:

While the nose bit didn’t sit entirely well on my face, it’s hard to expect a mass manufactured item to be absolutely perfect. It felt refreshing on my face, but when I took it off, I noticed that the serum, of which there was plenty, just sat on my face, even after I tried to pat it in. I ended up having to wipe a lot of it off.

Overall, I thought it was ok, but not amazing. My skin looked pretty good the day after, so no real complaints there, but I wasn’t blown away.

Have you tried this before? Did you love it?