Review: O.P.I. Liquid Sand in Jinx

There’s been a lot of hype around the gorgeous liquid sand collections, from the Bond set, to the Mariah Carey polishes, and I was wanting to get my hot little hands on some for ages, and ended up buying one in Singapore!

I ended up steering clear of the pinks (I know, it’s shocking), even though I really wanted it in Pussy Galore, but I thought, why not try something bright for Summer?

Jinx is an orangey-red, ridiculously bright, and very cheery - perfect for the warmer days, or as something to perk you up on the cold ones! Here’s two layers and a top coat:

Positively. Blinding. Love it!

My verdict - get it if you love glitter, like I do, but don’t if you’re looking to have some quiet nails
Have you tried it? Do you love it too?