Friday, 29 August 2014

Quick And Easy Hairdos Featuring Lady Jayne *

I love, love, love my hair, but sometimes, I need some inspiration when it comes to doing something different. When I was sent this little parcel of hair items, I was really excited, because there were things I'd never seen before from Lady Jayne.

First up, I was sent this teasing brush. I didn't know that they even had a teasing brush! I could have really used this for my 50's day out last year - that back combing took a seriously long time! I'm looking to do a 20's day this year, so this might be handy then? Having tried this out, I can honestly say - this is AMAZING for teasing, if you're in need of such an instrument. 

Can I just say that I love the colours of these combs? I'll be honest - I haven't used a comb for ages. That said, I was without a brush for years, so... clearly I've come a long way! What I do love about being a blogger, though, is being able to rise to a challenge, and find applications for certain products. 

I have been using this brush for my bangs, particularly with adding a light mist of hair spray on it so that I don't end up with crispy, stiff hair, and while I think my skills still need a bit of work, it's certainly helping!

The colours of this comb remind me of mermaids! Being a very wide tooth comb, this little gem has been handy for getting through the fiddly bits at the end of my hair, resulting in a smoother finish.

This pointy ended fine tooth comb is perfect for parting my hair and teasing the more stubborn and smaller sections of hair. Also, as an aside, my cat loves this! And who am I to argue with my cat?

This hair tie is gorgeous! I will admit that I adore simple, gimmicky hair accessories, making it easy to get away with a quick 'do - this solid silver-toned bow has been almost worn out, it's been used so often! I really need to try and track down the rest of the collection!

Now, in my bid to try something different, I gave my new toys a whirl and here are the results!

I ended up making a high, HUGE pony tail, big and messy and teased to within an inch of it's life - it actually ended up being really quite cute from the front! I topped it off by wearing that gorgeous silver bow hair tie - adorable!

For the second, less perky, and more polished look, I pulled my hair back into a slightly more elaborate braid, and finished it by using the silver bow hair tie again. I couldn't help it - it's just so cute! I could also have used some bobby pins just to neaten it up a little, but I didn't want to lose the light! 

And there you have it - quick and easy! For more information on Lady Jayne, hop over here.

What would you have created? Have you checked out the collection yet?

*These products were kindly sent to me for my consideration.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Review: Nad's Nose Wax and Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper *

Let's just be honest here for a minute - sometimes, in life, there are a few, well, hairy moments. While laser has become an increasingly popular method for getting rid of the unwanted patches, I will admit to being a bit of a dinosaur, as I haven't tried it yet.

While my sisters spent their teen years happily sugaring their shins and ripping bits of cloth off their legs, I was stubbornly not advancing beyond razors and hair removal cream, so when I was given the chance to try some products by Nad's, I was both excited and nervous. Nad's was the very first brand I ever got the chance to use for hair removal, and while I remember the scent being very strong, I was also really chuffed by how smooth my legs felt afterwards.

I was sent two items, and I was so excited when arrived, because one of them looked a little scary, yet intriguing!

It took me ages to work up the nerve to try this! I was really excited when I saw this in the package, because, let's face it, nose hair is something that we think about from time to time - we know they are there for a good reason, we just don't want it to, er, stick around! How easy is it to use this, you ask? So straightforward, a monkey could do it! Although definitely not recommended to have a monkey do it!

Here are the necessary steps:
1) Make sure that your nose is clean
2) Heat the wax in the microwave as per the instructions included.
3) Test it on the inside of your wrist prior to use to make sure that it isn't boiling hot
4) Stick the applicator into the wax and make sure that you cover it as depicted on the sheet enclosed
5) Pull down your upper lip to help with the applicator and away you go!
6) Leave it in your nose for about 90 seconds (too long, and the wax would get brittle) and then yank!

Trust me, as someone with an incredibly low pain threshold, this was definitely not a painful experience, and left me feeling quite pleased about the results. There are even antibacterial and calming wipes included as part of the pack.

Not only can this do nose hair wax, it can also help shape moustaches and clean out the pores of your nose, which I also tried (clearly, the latter, not the former), and it's super easy to do - just spread a layer of wax over your nose, wait for a small amount of time, then pull it off before the wax completely hardens. Ta dah! 

The wax contains aloe, chamomile and sweet almond, among other things, resulting in smoother skin after use. Word to the wise, however, make sure that you test the wax prior to using it to make sure it's not too hot!

The facial wand, made for waxing unwanted hairs from the upper lip and brows, is another that I've been dying to try out, and it's another one that's so easy to use, it's ridiculous!

This works like a twisty pen, kinda like those lipglosses that you turn to get the product out. You can warm it up in a glass of water initially if the formula is a little too gluggy for you, or roll it between your hands.This is also easy to use in that there are a minimal number of steps.

1) Turn the pen (but not too many times!)
2) Apply the wax on the area that you want to have hair removed from.
3) Place a cotton strip over it.
4) Wait for a very short amount of time
5) Then, whip it off!

The downside? I found that when I first used this, it was a little tricky and that the wax kept oozing out, despite me not turning the pen that much. This got better after a couple of uses. This comes with about ten cotton strips that you can wash and reuse, as well as pre-waxing cleansing wipes. 

The best part? If you get wax on any spot that you don't want, you don't need to lose additional hairs from there, you can just wash it off! 

This is an excellent travel product for those stray hairs that you don't want - you can fix this in under five minutes! 

And there you have it! These products certainly have their applications, depending on what you're after. 

Have you tried either of these products before? Are there any 'out there' products that you have tried for hair removal?

*These products were provided for my consideration.

Monday, 25 August 2014

FOTD: Miss Pole Dance Heats NSW

Hello, lovelies! What did you get up to this weekend?

For me, I spent Sunday doing pretty much nothing (yay!), and a bit of housework (boo!), and while it was cruisey, the real action took place on Saturday night!

Some of you may know that I broke my clavicle (that's collar bone, for those who don't know) at the start of the year, and that I broke it, thanks to a pole dancing accident. I'm been back in the saddle for 8 weeks, and loving it! I'm not quite back at the standard I was at previously, but I'm getting there!

Anyway, as part of really loving pole dancing, I went to the Miss Pole Dance Heats for NSW on Saturday night, and I thought, why not go all out? So, I present to you the makeup products behind my face of the day (or night)!

Benefit Porefessional
L'Oreal Infallible Liquid Foundation
L'Oreal Infallible Powder Foundation
Sleek in Rose Gold
Milani in Luminoso
Eye shadow primer: 
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Australis Tint My Brow
Mary Kay brow pencil
Eye shadows:
MAC in Teal
Klara Cosmetics in Glimmering Garden
Gosh in Black
Liquid - Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Precision Pen Waterproof Eyeliner in Black
Pencil - Urban Decay 24/7 in Black
L'Oreal False Lash Butterfly Wings in Black
Lime Crime in Serpentina

And that's my face of the night! What did you lovelies get up to over the weekend?

Saturday, 23 August 2014

August Bella Box Review 2014!

Yay! The first of four (oh holy moly, I have subscriptions to four boxes?) is now here! Bella Box is really the first of every box that appears each month and it's so nice to get a parcel in the mail. The theme this month is Sport Your Style.

 Here's everything that I got this August. A total of seven items, including one full size product!

Here is everything on the product card! For those who are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, Bella Box is a monthly beauty box subscription, so if you're interested in getting a surprise in the mail every month, then Bella Box has you covered! For a paltry $15 each month, you get a variety of beauty products - enough to keep you entertained for a bit. 

So what's in the box, really?

1) Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner - I've only ever used one Organix product, and I can't remember what it's like, so this is a good way to be reintroduced to the brand.

2) Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Naked Ambition (full size) - Love that I got this polish, particularly in this awesome colour! Love a nude, ballet slipper type shade!

3) Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion - I'm about to use another bottle of this that I once got  in another beauty box, so I'll find out if this is a good or bad thing! 

4) Lee Stafford Shine Head Spray Shine (full size for a travel size) - LOVE this brand! Best dry shampoo ever, so I'm hoping this head spray will be full of shiny goodness!

5) Avene Eluage Gel - Good old Avene, back again! This is a firming gel meant to target and reduce wrinkles. I think it's probably too small a sample to work, but we'll see!

6) Palmer's Cocoa Body Butter - Already use this, already think this is awesome!

For a total of $50.32, this box is full of stuff that I will be using, and at the end of the day, that is what's so great about beauty boxes - being introduced to new brands and products, and getting some serious bang for your buck!
Have you received your box yet? Are you happy with what's in it?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Review: The Jojoba Company Mask and Facial Exfoliant *

New facial products are always exciting, particularly when trying something from a company that I'm unfamiliar with! I was given the chance to try some products from the Jojoba Company recently, and after putting them through the paces for a few weeks, I'm quite excited to finally tell you all about them!

I was sent the jojoba bead and bamboo facial exfoliant, as well as the skin refining and brightening face mask to try. These two come in matte red 80 ml flip lid tubes, making it really easy to get the product out without making a mess, as these both have quite a thick consistency. 

The exfoliant is suitable for all skin types and is meant to also be good for sensitive skin. As someone with really normal skin, aside from a few old scars, I can't vouch for this, but it certainly didn't negatively impact my skin at all.

This is packed to the brim with:
- Australian Jojoba (which is a shrub, for those who are wondering), which contains antioxidants, Vitamins A, D & E 
- Bamboo 
- Shea Butter 
- Witch Hazel 
- Vitamin E 
- Ivory Clay 
- Salicyclic acid 
- Jojoba Bead 

This has a number of different applications. Firstly, you can use it as an exfoliating scrub, as stated in the name. Place a small amount into the palm of your hand, then, using circular motions, apply it to your skin. The scrub has a nice amount of grittiness to it, and it has a lovely and light floral scent. It's not a harsh exfoliant, and my skin certainly feels smoother after using it. 

The second use is to apply it on your skin as you would a mask, leaving it for ten to fifteen minutes prior to washing it off. There is a moderate amount of tingling that makes you feel like it's working, and when it's washed off, the skin does feel softer.

This tube retails for $39.95 - a bargain for a two in one! This has slowly and steadily made it's way onto my favourites list for August.

The skin refining and brightening face mask is meant to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Again, this is for all skin types.

This contains:
- Australian Jojoba, which contains antioxidant, Vitamins A, D & E
- Daisy Flowers
- Bearberry (how cute is that name?)
- Roasted Coffee Oil
- Vitamin A
- Kakadu Plum
- Kaolin

This has a slightly stronger, but similarly sweet scent. You're meant to spread a thick layer of this all over your face, wait for ten minutes, then wash it off. Unlike other clay masks, this doesn't harden and freeze your face. Instead, this gets absorbed into the skin, so what you're left with is an almost too-thick layer of lotion on your face. 

While it's meant to fade age spots and freckles, I haven't noticed much difference in my skin, but I do like the way my skin feels after using this. There is a small amount of tingling as it stays on your face, but nothing harsh. This retails for $49.95. This mask would be ideal for those seeking a clay mask that feels reasonably gentle on the skin.

One of the best things about this brand is that they are cruelty free! Not only that, they also don't have parabens, animal derivatives or sulphates in their products, making it good for your soul, as well as your skin. For more information on the Jojoba Company and their products, dart over to their website

Have you tried anything from them before? What would you like to try by them?

*These products were kindly sent to me for my consideration.

Monday, 18 August 2014

July Binned Things 2014!

Every time I gather up my empties for the month, I feel a pang of pity for my husband. After all, he barely has any space for his things, yet my stuff continues to multiply. Once that moment of guilt passes, I feel incredibly lucky, because he's a very understanding man!

I didn't finish a lot of things this month, but it's certainly not bad effort!

1) Wotnot Facial Wipes - I couldn't love these enough! This is an incredible staple - I just love it!
Repurchase? Always, for the foreseeable future

2) Eco Care Facial Wipes - See full review here
Repurchase? Yes

3) Yes to Grapefruit Exfoliating Facial Towelettes - I found this to be a little harsh on my skin and that it left my skin feeling a little tingly. 
Repurchase? No

4) Natio Body Creme - I got this in  DJ beauty bag, and while I liked the texture and didn't mind the scent, I didn't find this to be more extraordinary than any other body lotion.
Repurchase? Maybe

5) Vaseline Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion - A great staple lotion!
Repurchase? Yes

6) Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - I've been using this as a face mask recently, and it's been a real treat for my skin! I feel like this really does give me a perkier look. 
Repurchase? Yes

7) Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturiser - Really liked using this! It's part of their cruelty free line and it has quite a strong scent, so I wouldn't recommend this for those who don't like scented products.
Repurchase? Yes

8) Swisspers Cotton Tips - An excellent staple - not too thin and not uncomfortable to use.
Repurchase? Already done!

9) Nude by Nature Mineral Primer - I liked this primer to begin with, but I started getting over it about 2/3rd of the way down. It's ok, just not spectacular.
Repurchase? No

10) Bomb Cosmetics French Kiss Clay Mask - Beautiful! See full review here.
Repurchase? Yes

11) Puretopia Whisk Away Creamy Face Cleanser - Love this cleanser! See full review here.
Repurchase? YES!

12) Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Conditioner - Lovely amber scent that left my hair soft to touch.
Repurchase? Yes

13) Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Shampoo - Great accompanying shampoo!
Repurchase? Yes

14) Tommy Girl Jeans - This perfume was getting a little old! A citrusy scent that was great for the gym, but I got sick of it about halfway through!
Repurchase? No

15) Indeed Labs Pepta-Bright - See full review here
Repurchase? Yes

16) Woolworths Makeup Removal Pads - Best pads for makeup removal!
Repurchase? Yes

17) Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask - Love this super moisturising mask! Indeed Labs does an amazing selection of dermatological products. If you haven't checked out their range yet, you should!
Repurchase? Yes

18) Etude House I Need You, Yoghurt! Mask - A bit of a fun mask by Etude House! It's really got a yoghurty texture to it.
Repurchase? Yes

19) Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser - Said to be a dupe for Benefit's Porefessional, it's not as good as the Benefit version, but it certainly is a decent primer.
Repurchase? Maybe

20) Ocean;s Essence Eye Cream - I wasn't expecting to like this, but I really did! It was quite moisturising for the skin under my eyes.
Repurchase? Yes

21) John Frieda Conditioner 3 - Originally marketed to be the finishing conditioner for their home dye kits, it's so popular it's now a standalone conditioner. I enjoyed using this on my hair - it left it feeling silky.
Repurchase? Yes

22) Aveeno Positively Radiant Eye Illuminator - I found this to be tricky to use! It's meant to be squeezed out through the brush end, then painted on, but there's always way more product! 
Repurchase? No

23) Swisse Hand Cream - Got this in a beauty box, and while it's not a bad hand cream, it's a little thin. It does have a great citrusy scent to it, though. 
Repurchase? No

Stand out products from the samples include the Hot Mama! Blush by The Balm and the Pure Marajucu Oil by Tarte. 

Certainly not as large a lot of finished products as previous months, but not a bad effort for the month of July!

What did you get around to going through in the last month?

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Review: Revlon Gel Envy Nail Polish *

Colours, colours, colours! It's no secret that I love a fresh manicure, and I love shiny, and this particular nail polish range combines both of them together! Revlon recently came out with their Gel Envy range, which is meant to give you all the shine of a gel manicure without the lamp or fuss. 

I was lucky enough to be picked as part of the trial team on Beauty Heaven and while I was hoping for a colour I'd wear, I wasn't expecting ALL of the colours from the range! 

So how does this work, exactly? The colour coat is meant to be both a base and a colour coat, which means that you don't need to have a base coat for it at all. You then seal it all in with their Diamond Top Coat, and presto!

What are their colours, you ask? Scroll on down and feast your eyes on these little beauties!

All Or Nothing; Beginner's Luck, Cardshark; Lady Luck; Hot Hand

Pocket Aces; Jackpot; Casino Lights; In The Money; High Stakes

Dealer's Choice; All In; Full House; Sky's The Limit; Royal Flush

Up The Ante; Winning Streak; Showtime; Wild Card; High Roller

Hold 'Em; Ace Of Spades; Sure Thing; Blackjack; Double Down

Checkmate; Queen Of Hearts; Joker's Wild; Roulette Rush; Long Shot

As you might have noticed it by now, the names all have a bit of a gambling theme, and are called really cute things, like,"Queen of Hearts" or "All In". There is a total of 30 colours, and they range from metallic to shimmery to just plain old shiny and gorgeous.

So what's the verdict? I love the shine, and I love the lack of fuss, but sadly, I found this to chip easily on me, not having the wear time I would have liked. On the upside, these dry really quickly, between 3 to 5 minutes and there isn't the need for a base coat, it's really quite straightforward. The brushes are also a little odd, in that it's a bit of a double brush, so it picks up a lot of product in one go. 

I don't mind the chipping much as I always have to take the colour off before heading back to work, so it's not a big deal for me, but I can see how this might not be the best for someone else. That said, keep in mind that every product is different with each individual. 

A couple of tips - I highly suggest buffing your nails prior to using this to make removal much easier. That said, it might actually be the easiest nail polish to remove - ever! Also, make sure that you really scrape the sides of the bottle first to prevent too much polish from being picked up.

These babies retail for $16.95 for a bottle of 11.7ml of product, but Target is currently running a 2 for $20 deal, so if you're interested, run, don't walk! 

Are you interested in trying this range? What's your favourite colour out of the 30?

*These products were kindly provided for my consideration by Beauty Heaven