Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Review: Etude House I Need You, Fig! Face Mask

When the weather brightened and lightened up, I thought I'd break out one of my face masks that used to turn up here on a weekly basis, but just became too cold for me to use when it got to Winter! 

Etude House's I Need You, Fig! sheet mask is meant to purify your skin and keep it smooth.

This mask contains fig extract that's meant to rejuvenate your skin and brighten it. It does have a slightly metallic synthetic fig scent to it. 

This little sachet contained a just right amount of semi-watery serum. As always, the mask is a small, but perfect fit for me. 

Here's the usual serial killer shot! It was a great mask to have on a warmish day, certainly not great for Winter! What's great about this particular mask was that once I removed the mask, all the serum that was left behind got absorbed quickly into my skin, leaving it quite soft.

The verdict? Good results, not the best scent. Definitely one I'd like to repeat, though!

Would you be interested in trying this mask? What's your favourite mask sheet?

Monday, 22 September 2014

August Lust Have It 2014!


Lust Have It celebrated their third birthday in August, and as such, they advertised that they were going to send out a full sized Eleven Australia product. What they DIDN'T say was that they were going to send out a number of different full size items!

So, what's Lust Have It and what the hell am I talking about? Lust Have It is a monthly beauty box that costs $19.95 per month, and if you use the code 'TPRINCESS', you can get $5 off your first box! 

What's in the August box?

1) Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals (full size and mini) - I got this in Cleanse and Exfoliate and given my recent use of certain exfoliating wipes that didn't do much for me, I'm a little cautious. However, I have used some of their wipes before (the moisturising ones?) and they're quite decent! 

$ 6.95 + $2.50

2) Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro-line (full size) - Oooh! A new brush! Love it when something like this turns up in my box! I hope this works out a little better than their blush - I made an awful mess with that one when I first used it!

3 Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment (full size) - This is a leave in treatment that is meant to deliver eleven (ELEVEN!) benefits to the hair. It's also meant to keep out the nasty rays - perhaps a good one for this Summer?


4) Bioderma Crealine H2O - I have yet to use the one I got from a different box, but I see this going to the US with me soon!

5 Sasy n Savy Vitamin Enriched Facial Recovery Masque (full size) - Love me a mask! Enough said!

We were also sent a number of different vouchers for a variety of stores and services.

It's an excellent box, particularly given the cost. What's your favourite bit of the box? It's too hard for me to pick this month!

Monday, 15 September 2014

August Lust Have It FaB Subscription 2014!

I think it's common knowledge that I'm a bargain hunter, and this month's Lust Have It FaB box proves that I'm a pretty decent one!

Back in June, when they were doing their end of financial year sale, LHI put out a twelve month subscription for their FaB box at a highly discounted price, and in his inebriated state, I managed to wrangle it as a present from my other half, in exchange for cleaning the wash room for a whole year. I've definitely come out ahead in that particular bargain!

Lust Have It's Fashion and Beauty box (hence FaB) is around $35 per month, and this month's includes three Butter London polishes! Having wanted to try this range for a while, it's really exciting to see them in my box this month!

1) Butter London Nail Lacquer in Crumpet - This is a lovely nude shade that makes me hungry! Perhaps it the caramel reference, perhaps it's the brand name? These polishes, incidentally, are three free and cruelty free - so far, so good!

2) Butter London Nail Lacquer in Lovely Jubbly - Sparkles! Love, love, love the shiny! This is going to be a fun one to play around with!

3) Butter London Nail Lacquer in British Racing Green - This is my absolute favourite one out of the lot. Look at how green and rich this shade is! 

4) Spring Crystal Bracelet - LHI seems to like their neon colours and copper shades. While this isn't something I'd usually reach for, it might work with certain outfits.

5) Spring Crystal Pendant - I've been looking for a necklace that's kinda girly with a bit of a pop, and this might be it! 

While there isn't much in the way of variety, I do love that I'm going to get to try Butter London polishes!

Are you interested in FaB boxes? Which nail polish is your favourite from the bunch?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

7 Wonders of August 2014

What happened to August? I think it disappeared, much like most of the sunshine, in a flood and rain and wind. The end of August also means the start of September, which brings us firmly into the start of Spring! I love Spring! It's going to be awesome!

Anyway, enough about the season of hope, here's what I've been crushing on this past month!

1) People For Plants Lip Balm in Vanilla and Cocoa Butter - While this has a nice vanillary scent in the tube, the moment you have it on your lips, it all but disappears. This is a brilliant cruelty free lip balm that keeps my lips soft in this horrendous dry weather!

2) Dr. Lewinns Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream - I received this as part of Beauty Heaven's trial team, and I've really liked using this! It has a great pump top, meaning that you get to keep your fingers out of the jar, and it has boasts a great fresh cucumber scent. This has also left my face feeling nice and smooth.

3) Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Scrub - Citrus scent with small scrub particles? Everything that I want in a scrub in a happy, brightly coloured tube. Yes, please!

4) The Jojoba Company Jojoba Bead and Exfoliant Facial Exfoliant - See full review here. In short, it's a multi-tasker that loves your skin. 

5) Sleek Blush in Rose Gold - This blush is amazing! If you're ever only going to get thing from Sleek, make sure it's this blush! It just adds that bit of a glow to your cheeks, making you look healthy and pretty. 

6) L'Oreal False Lash Butterfly Wings Mascara - I love the shape of the brush that comes with the mascara. It feels like it's extending my lashes outwards, but of course, the downside of it is having to put on mascara with my left hand, which makes me super uncoordinated! Black and fluttery, this mascara is lovely. That said, I had to use it a few times before it thickened and looked better.

7) Bomb Cosmetics Mint Choc Chip Cleansing Shower Butter - If you're a mint choc chip ice cream addict like me, this is not the healthiest thing for you, because everything you use it, you're going to think about getting ice cream! Love this stuff, smells gorgeous and leaves your body feeling squeaky clean!

And those are my August loves! What's on your list?

Monday, 8 September 2014

Vogue's Fashion Night Out 2014


Hello gorgeous readers! I know that I often do a weekend focus on Mondays, but I want to have a chat about an event that I was very lucky to attend recently. I was a very lucky winner a few weeks ago, when I entered a competition, and I was given the chance to attend Vogue's Fashion Night Out on the other side of the velvet ropes!

What exactly is Vogue's Fashion Night Out? Created as a way to encourage people to shop during the recession, this night of exclusive deals now spans twenty cities, including Sydney. During this time, a number of different retailers have exciting deals on, competitions, and occasionally celebrities turning up. This year, it took place on the 4th of September, which was last Thursday. 

As to what I won, I was given the chance to go on a tour with someone from the magazine, as well as some spending money. I also got the chance to have a plus one, so of course, I had to have Mrs AM with me! It made life easier that my other potential plus ones are currently pregnant, thus making the narrowing down process that much easier. 

Things kicked off at 4 PM when we met up at Hyde Park, and we had free flowing champagne and canapes. The weather got a little questionable, but improved as the night wore on. There were five winners in total, but only four pairs of people turned up, and everyone was really lovely! 

G.H. Mumm was one of the major sponsors of the evening, and they certainly brought their A-game!

We moved on to the Olympus stand, who happened to be one of the sponsors for the evening, and had our pictures taken there for a laugh. 

We then dabbled in a little nail painting, where we got to pick a shade to place on our nails. I went straight for the fuchsia, while Mrs AM got a lovely robin egg's blue put on hers. 

This lovely girl, who did my nails, did such a great job of it, and was very accommodating, and let me take a picture of her! Imagine working out in the cold, painting nails that night, and missing the shopping! She was very sweet, and let me talk her ear off.

As you can see, pretty much the whole group got into the nail action, aside from the only man in the group (who, incidentally, was the one who won the competition, of that particular pair!).

The Swarovski store was our next stop, where extra-glittery people walked around offering small bite sized pieces of chocolate while we perused the wares. We broke off from the group at that point, and ran around the stores a little, looking at all the pretty things we were considering buying. 

We then had a bit of a meet and greet with some designers. Rebecca Vallance has some gorgeous items out in David Jones right now - I highly recommend checking them out!

After that, we headed up to level 7 of David Jones, and went to the VIP bar. They had some food stalls set up around the area, and it was all very fancy looking.

Did I mention that Erica Heynatz was the one, in addition to a few other Vogue members (who were super nice), who gave us the tour? She was very candid and really funny and nice in person - not to mention incredibly tall!

The evening ended with us at Martin Place, at the G.H. Mumm bar, and we had a couple more drinks before Mrs AM and I headed back into the city to pop into Sportsgirl. 

It was a ridiculously enjoyable evening, and I felt incredibly lucky to have had been a part of it all. I can't wait to do it all again next year, and head back into the city for another night of great deals and shopping. The way the city came alive... It was beautiful!

Did anyone else go this year? Does this make you want to head into VFNO next year?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

August Her Fashion Box 2014

Oh, Her Fashion Box, it's nice to see you, but I would love it if you could turn up a little earlier. That said, there is one other fashion box lagging behind, so it's not the latest!

So, what's in the box? For those who haven't heard of Her Fashion Box, it's a monthly subscription box that costs $39.95 and gets delivered to your doorstep. It's a mix of fashion and beauty and you can pick from Classic, Feminine and Trendy, so it's tailored to your needs.

Here's what's in the Feminine box for the month of August!

1) Love & Anarchy Leopard Pouch - It's a pretty cute pouch as part of the L&A collab with HFB. It's quite a bit smaller than the one they had by Nicola Finetti, but no less adorable. I'm sure I can find a use for it somewhere.

2) Manicare Glameyes in Mila - These are a little unique, in that they are two types of different designs, instead of just being consistent. It's gorgeous, though, and I'm probably packing this when I head to New York in a few days!

3) Nzuri Organics Vegan Body Butter in Midnight Bloom - This is a small jar of body butter, and I haven't had a chance to open it up yet. I've heard good things about it on social media, though, so here's hoping I like it! I do like body butters, but the term itself always makes me a little hungry!

4) airspace Wrap Bracelet - This beige/cream bracelet comes with a gold, magnetised clasp, which is actually super cute. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it!

5) Trailing Ring Set - The stacking rings are very cute, if a little big and a little too shiny, and while I like the design of the leafy ring, that's way too big for me, even when I squeeze it. I might be able to get away with wearing that on my index finger, though. We'll see!

6) The Seventh Duchess Organic Beauty Tea in Grace - Love the sound of this and the simplicity of the label! I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I'm going to give it a shot as soon as I can!

7) Beesline Beeswax Jelly - When I opened this, I thought it looked like a cuticle balm. It doesn't have a very strong scent, which is probably good for those who would like to use a cuticle balm, but is put off by lemony smells. I'll have to switch to this when my Burt's Bees runs out!

8) Argania Hair Oil - I like this hair oil, and I'm glad I got another one of them as a bonus for filling in my survey for either June or July!

9) Purse - I have this in blue, which I received in an earlier box, and it's really quite cute. This is a bonus for filling out one of the previous months' survey.

That's everything from Her Fashion Box for the month of August! While this review is only now being published in September, I would like to point out that it was actually delivered in July, and that I've been falling behind a little with my updates!

Have you received yours yet? What's your favourite part?