Monday, 22 December 2014

Happy Birthday To Me! aka Birthday Haul from Sephora US, Mecca Cosmetica And Lipstick Republic

With all the mad sales and celebrations going on this month, it's impossible to avoid looking and buying new products. Anyone who can turn it down deserves a big pat on the back!

My sisters also very generously pitched in to get me some pretty things - wait till you see what they bought! 

Lipstick Republic was having a bit of a sale, so I obviously had to look into it! I ended up getting four things for myself, I went for a very blue Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic Lip Tar in RX, and it's very blue indeed!

Anyone who's used OCC lip tars would know that a little goes an enormously long way, so this little matte blue tube is probably going to last me forever.

Saucebox is a brand that I've been looking at dabbling in for the last six months, and this seemed to be just the right time to get the Etude palette - eight matte shades, full size, in pink cardboard packaging.This also comes with a mirror in the lid.

I was actually a little surprised when I opened the parcel - it's much bigger than I thought it would be! These are beautifully pigmented, and I can see myself getting a ton of use out of it!

Ahh... Benjabelle brush tree, I've wanted you for so long! For any beauty aficionado worth his or her salt, regular brush washing is necessary, and while I used to just lay my brushes flat, I can now pop them into the brush tree, upside down, and get them to hold their shape!

For more information on them, hop over to Lipstick Republic over here!

I'm sure you've all now heard about Lime Crime withdrawing from the general market, and that they are only being sold through Lime Crime itself, so I got in just before that! While I am a fan of a number of their products, I'm actually quite unimpressed by this new move - I don't think it's a great idea, and they may end up losing a few followers that way. 

Still, I am in love with this Velvetine in Suedeberry by Lime Crime - it's just a shame that their products won't be quite as accessible any more!

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar has been on a lot of wish lists, and it certainly was mine! When sending my wish list to my siblings, I just HAD to include this, and it was very nice to them to include it!

It is a mix of shimmer and matte shades, and they are incredibly pigmented, with one swipe putting more than enough on your lids. I'm struggling between whether my Urban Decay palettes are still my go to, or if this baby is coming up fast as my favourite!

In addition to brows being one of my new obsessions for 2014, contouring and highlighting certainly have a bigger presence these days. The Tarte Parkave Princess lured me in with it's shiny gold case and it's travel friendliness. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I can sense one of the seven wonders for an upcoming month in the making!

The Nars Domination Palette comes in a beautiful white case with a large mirror, and it contains five cheek products, including a large bronzer. I got my first Nars blush about twelve months ago, and it's been stupendous!

I am really looking forward to breaking into it!

Who hasn't been curious about GlamGlow? I did think about purchasing some from Mecca Cosmetica a while back, but never got around to it, and when I saw this set on Sephora, I knew I had to try it! 

I've already tried one of them, and liked it, so I'm glad I asked for this! 

I went for another Tarte product, just because! I got the Tarte Bon Voyage package, which has a whopping large value with a much smaller price tag, and it all comes in a cute little travel case. 

I'm really looking forward to breaking all the bits and pieces out of their little hidey holes and playing around with it!

And now, the piece de resistance! After receiving my giant parcel from my sisters and learning that they didn't manage to get the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush palette, I thought I'd go out on my own and grab one at Mecca Cosmetica, and I got in at just the right time! It would appear that most of them, if not all, are already sold out.

And you should be able to see why - it's stunning! This comes in a bronze case with a small strip of mirror and these gorgeous marbled blushes are stunning both in the case and on the skin.

That's everything! I honestly got really spoilt for my birthday, and yes, I do know that I'm a lucky girl!

Do you see anything here that's on your personal wish list? What product are you most curious about?

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bella Box December 2014!

Bella Box! Usually on time, and generally good value, this little beauty box is always a sight for sore eyes, If you haven't had the chance to check out their website yet, I'd highly recommend going over there - easy to navigate, and you should watch out for discount codes.

The theme for this month is Eat, Play and Love, and I received a total of 7 items.

1, 2, and 3) Enbacci Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser, Essence and Creme - I've heard about this brand through other blogs, so I'm really excited to be trying them out!
$6.40, $6.90 and $10.30

4) Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion - I liked this when I initially received it in a different beauty box, so it's nice to see it making it's way back.

5) Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation - I received a bottle of this for trial a few months ago, and I like it, so this is going to be great for travel!

6) Keratase Nectar Thermique - A leave-in cream, this will be handy for my next trip away!

7) Elizabeth Mott It's So Big Mascara - That's what she said! Haha... I'm so mature, really. But in all seriousness, apparently this mascara is huge on Amazon, no pun intended, which means that this could potentially even be my next holy grail mascara!

So, for a total of $38.46, I received items from two brands that were new to me in this monthly subscription box - winning!

Have you received yours yet? Which items are you excited about? 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Her Fashion Box November 2014

Her Fashion Box, you're running so late that I actually got confused the other day about which month this box was supposed to be for. My November Her Fashion Box actually only arrived last month, and while I do love it, it's actually starting to frustrate me that our Aussie boxes can't seem to arrive on time!

I've also been thinking of cutting down on my subscription boxes so that I can look at getting The Parcel or sampling Violet Box, and given that I still have about 14 months left on my LHI box, and a few months on a couple of others, and this one runs out in January, I might, very reluctantly, be looking to move on from HFB.

Moving on, here's what I got in last month's feminine HFB!

1) Togetherness Cuff - This is really pretty! It does have a slightly rough edge, however, but I think I might be able to file it down a little.

2) Restful Necklace - Pretty! I love the double layerness of it!

3) BeeBio Bee Venom and Acive Manuka Honey Eye Creme - I've heard lots about bee venom as skincare, and this is my chance to finally try it out!

4) Elegant Touch Express Press-On Instant Manicure - I got this in Mushroom as part of the box, and another set in Pearl White. I've used similar ones before, and I'll have to see how they perform!

5) Coral Colours in No. 20 - This is a lovely pinky red. I will say that I haven't had a lot of luck with CC before, but hopefully, this lipstick will be the start of a winning streak!

6) Byron Bay Cookie Company Twin Pack - Yum! It's a little odd, but they threw in a twin pack of Byron Bay Cookie Company Twin Pack in White Chocolate Chunk. It's going to be finished soooo fast!

7) Instant Detangler - I have a similar one already, so I might pass this on to someone else. 

And that's the November box! It saddens me that I may be likely to move away from Her Fashion Box, but I don't know if I should really sign up for another year.

What are your thoughts? Would you sign up for a year of HFB?

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Review: Jergens BB Body Cream, Foot Cream and Ultra Healing Moisturiser *

Welcome to Australia, Jergens! I have to say, I'm surprised it took you this long to get here, but better now than never!

Jergens was the first brand of body moisturiser I ever purchased on my own, and also saw the start of my journey into skincare. I'm not ashamed of it, I, once upon a time, used Jergens lotion as my face moisturiser, before my sister set me on the straight and narrow! Just looking at Jergens fills me with nostalgia, but the range has certainly changed a lot since I first tried it 15 years ago. 

So, what exactly can we expect from this range that's new to our shores?

They have a BB cream for the body, and there are a lot of expectations circling this lotion. The BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream promises '5 visible results in 5 days!', but does it deliver? It is meant to:
1) Hydrate and smooth
2) Brighten and illuminate
3) Even skin tone
4) Visibly firm skin
5) Minimise the appearance of imperfections

They left one thing out - it also has a lovely scent! It's sweet and almost reminds me of almonds, but that could just be me.

This comes in two shades, light and medium to dark, which is the one I've tried, and a great match for my Asian skin tone. It comes in a 221 ml flip lid gold tube and the product comes out a beigey shade that becomes quite clear as you rub it into your skin. 

The moisturiser sinks into the skin very quickly, and adds a subtle sheen to the skin. As stated on the box, it also appears to smooth over minor imperfections. The texture itself is light and fluffy, AND allay those fears, for while this does come out coloured, it certainly doesn't rub off on your clothes. As far as sheer tinted moisturisers go for the skin, this is fantastic!

I can honestly say that I have had a really great experience with this lovely moisturiser, and it's definitely something I'd repurchase. This retails for $14.99 and you can purchase it at Priceline.

Summer is the season of feet! I mean, how many of us wait for the first sneaky rays of the Summer sun to slip through the clouds before racing to the shoe rack to grab our thongs (that's flip flops to the rest of you around the world) and slipping them on? 

This is ideal for extra dry skin, apparently, and I do have some awkward spots on the soles of my feet. This does take a while to soak in, so don't go running down the hallway after smearing it all over your tootsies, but it's so worth it! 

I haven't used a lot of foot creams, however, I have never had one that resulted in really soft spots between the toes like I have with this one. I wriggle my toes every morning now, as I have breakfast, because I can't believe how smooth it feels between my toes!

At a very affordable $5.99, this foot cream is worth investing in!

The Ultra Healing Moisturiser is suitable for extra dry skin, and comes in four different sizes, ranging from 100 ml to 650 ml. I received a flip top bottle containing 250 ml and it comes out a slightly runny white lotion that takes a while to absorb, and is probably more ideal for the dry Winter months.

This does do an excellent job of moisturising my pins, even if the skin is slightly sticky for up to 20 minutes after application, and may be one that I'd put on the shopping list for the cooler seasons. 

This particular size retails for $6.99.

And there you have it! It's certainly very exciting having Jergens here, and I would suggest that the next time you have the chance, you should pop around to Priceline to check out the range, as it's much wider than just these three products!

Is there anything from Jergens that interests you? What would you buy first?

* This product was kindly provided for my consideration

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

November Lust Have It 2014!

Lust Have It, I feel like we've had some good times, but you're starting to let me down even more than just by arriving later and later each month.

For the month of November, the Lust Have It pack at least arrived on time, but sadly, there was one big glaring problem with it - a repeat product, the So Susan luminizer that only came in the October box a couple of days before this. Alas, seeing that was enough to upset me, but I'll walk you through the rest of the package and tell you a little more at the end.

As you can see, I received a total of five products in the November box.

1) Essenza Natural Japanese Silk Facial Treatment Masks in Moisturise and Smooth (full size) - I have tried the green version of the face masks previously, and quite liked it, so it's a great addition to the box.

2) So Susan Water Based Pure Luminizer (full size) - That's right, I got the same exact product, one month after the other, a few days apart, AND the one they sent in this box was actually broken (I found the nozzle in the cap) and all dried up.

When I contacted LHI about being sent a repeat product, before I found out that it was broken, they wrote a bog standard apology and credited 50 points to my account. Well, I have now contacted them about the product actually being broken, and I'm awaiting a reply. I sent them a message about this over a week ago - we'll see what comes of this!

3) Aveda Daily Colour Protect - This is a leave on treatment that is meant to help preserve hair colour for up to 6 weeks. I don't currently have coloured hair, but I'm sure I'd be looking at using this in the not too far off future!

4) Natralus Paw Paw Pure Gel (full size) - This will be handy to have around for when the other half gets sunburnt (happens every Summer) and he then tries to steal my lotions from me!

5) The Cosmetic Kitchen Blush in Raw Cacao (full size) - I love me a good blush! This full size blush comes in a matte black case that has a large mirror, and it's from a cruelty free company, which makes it even better.

I will say honestly that this would not have been a bad box (or bad bag?) to receive, if I hadn't gotten a repeat product that's broken, and NOT heard back from the company yet, after over 7 days. I have now sent another email to them, and we'll see how they plan to resolve the problem.

Fingers crossed I hear back from them soon! I'll keep you all updated!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

November Binned Things 2014!

We're in the final month of the year, everyone! Woo hoo! December is a pretty exciting month for me, given that it's my birthday/anniversary/Christmas month - talk about gigantic! 

Speaking of gigantic, however, November saw the end of a lot of full size products, and here they are!

1) People For Plants Foaming Cleansing Gel - See full review here.
Repurchase? Maybe, but I would prefer something foamier.

2) Manicare Nail Polish Remover Pads - Relatively decent thin pads, pre-soaked with nail polish remover. Quite decent, but falls short, as any other one of these would, when it comes to glitter!
Repurchase? For travel, yes!

3) The Jojoba Company Jojoba Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant - see full review here.
Repurchase? Yes

4) ChapStick Night Repair - I received this in a beauty box a while back, and found that it worked really well for me. Not so much repair, but helped in just keeping my lips happy.
Repurchase? Maybe

5) Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub - Just the BEST scrub! Love, love, love this - it's so gorgeous! Great if you like scrubs that come in a tube and smells like grapefruit.
Repurchase? Yes!

6) Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant - Such a staple, I have backups for my backup!
Repurchase? Yes!

7) Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Calming Facial Lotion - This is kind of a boring, nothing facial lotion, sadly. I didn't think it really contributed to my skin in any way. I ended up using this as a body lotion, because I just wanted to use it up!
Repurchase? No

8) First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream - It looked like a nice alternative to your typical shaving cream, but it just turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.
Repurchase? No

9) Listerine Total Care Mouth Wash - A must have! 
Repurchase? Always!

10) Kate Somerville ExfoliKate - The lazy/time poor girl's best friend! This causes quite a bit of tingling, and is only meant to be left on for about 1.5 to 2 minutes, leaving your face soft afterwards. Brilliant!
Repurchase? Yes

11) Wotnot Facial Wipes - Just the best thing for removing make up and keeping my skin moisturised, all at the same time!
Repurchase? You bet!

12) Indeed Labs Hydraluron - Want more moisture for the skin? Then you really should look into this! Definitely necessary for when my eczema flares up a little, and also great for dry skin! See full review here
Repurchase? Yes, yes, yes!

13) Essenza Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes - A good set of wipes that removes a fair bit of make up, and refreshes the skin.
Repurchase? Yes

14) The Jojoba Company Skin Refining & Brightening Face Mask - See full review here.
Repurchase? Yes

15) Caron Bump eRaiser Lotion - Ok at keeping the ingrown hairs at bay, but not brilliant. The balm is my holy grail!
Repurchase? No 

16) People For Plants Night Cream - Thick cream with an odd pump and a plum scent. Very decent!
Repurchase? Yes

17) Indeed Labs Retinol Reface - See full review here
Repurchase? Yes

18) Nivea Q10 Eye Cream - I found that this kept the dark circles away and was surprisingly excellent!
Repurchase? Yes

19) ELF Lavender Primer - A pretty decent primer from a cruelty free, and affordable brand!
Repurchase? Yes 

I really liked the Dr. Lewinns cleanser, which had the loveliest and lightest rose scent, and believe it or not, that's the first can of Batiste I've ever finished!

That's everything for November, my lovelies! What did you manage to wade through last month?