Bargains of the week - Target buys

How excellent is it when you're out and about and stumble across something ridiculously affordable? A little trip around to Target found these gems hiding on the Essence stand:

For the grand total of $2, I got myself:

1) Soft and Natural make-up long lasting foundation in Light Caramel - great for some colour at night without the SPF. My skin is really quite good (not boasting, just stating that I'm quite lucky), and I don't need foundation really, but for that extra boost sometimes, this could be quite handy. I've already done a bit of a face with it, and it's actually very smooth and easy to use!

2) Eyeshadow in Greyhound - pretty! I really quite like the eyeshadows from Essence and this one is a purple/black, with some shimmer. I'm looking forward to trying this out!

Some makeup bargains aren't so great, such as the Essence mascara I once bought (see post here) - it was too clumpy when I first tried it on, but at what a lollipop may cost you, I think this might be a healthier alternative!