High tea at Stamford Plaza Brisbane, Brisbane

High tea isn’t what you think of immediately when someone says Brisbane, but our trip to the Stamford Plaza Brisbane proved that this would be one of the first things on my mind the next time it’s mentioned!

Miss SC and I headed over to the Stamford Plaza Brisbane on Friday afternoon just a tad early, and as we found our spots in the lobby (there was no one around to give us a hand), there was already cream and jam sitting on the table out in the open. Seeing as we wandered in about 10 minutes early, I did have to wonder how long that was there for.

The service, however, once things got started, swept me away! Our waitress was a petite and lovely little thing, who took our tea orders and made sure that we were comfortable. One very interesting thing at the Stamford was that they didn’t keep the tea pots on table, but did come around every 15 minutes to make sure that we had a top up if we needed it.

Here’s what I could see from where I was sitting:

And here’s the menu:

I got the Rose with French Vanilla with a side of honey, and Miss SC got the Peppermint - not soon after, we got very full!

Here’s what we were bowled over by:

And the picture from the top once again, just because it’s so pretty!:

Overall, the food was tasty, and the service was excellent. Cons were that there wasn’t much direction when we got there early, the cream and jam were out for an indeterminate amount of time, and the mix of desserts were good, but we had to share some, because there was only one of each! Hard…

I would rate this: