My weekend in Melbourne!

Hello, lovelies!
Did you have a gorgeous weekend? I spent mine in Melbourne with the beautiful and funny Miss Strictly Vegan (MUCH better than Stupid Vegan - sounds less abusive!), where the weather oscillated between warm, cold, windy and rainy. My leggings provided the perfect outfit to ride out the weather in - layered with merino as necessary, and my new Portman's leather jacket (purchased last Thursday at $70 from $199!) gave me warmth and kept me dry.

Being with a vegan meant that to make life easier, I just ate at the same places that she did, and I actually, for a massive meat eater, enjoyed the meals to a certain extend. Sure, vegan cheese will never replace normal cheese, but it was interesting and an experience. We headed to Las Vegans in Collingwood, Lord of the Fries in the city (some wicked poutine - not vegan, but vegetarian, I believe), and had some Hudson coffee in the mornings, but the best bits were all the shopping places we hit, and boy did we hit them hard!

I ended up getting 6, that's right, 6 pairs of shoes, 2 leather, 2 suede and 2 synthetic. Here are pictures of 5 of them - I didn't bother with the 6th, seeing as they were on my feet at the time of picture taking - gorgeous, tall pink Peter Alexander booties! And that's just the shoes - I did, however, despite the buying of numerous pairs, save a bundle in them. For the grand total of $170, those babies became mine! Myer was having a bit of a clear out, and I got all 4 pairs of ankle boots for $20 each.


Wayne Cooper

We did get a whole bunch of other things, which might come out the next time I do an outfit of the day, so stay tuned!

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you go shopping for that perfect Spring outfit?