September Binned Things! Full size edition

Huge lot I finished this month! So big, in fact, that they have been split up into two different posts - full sized items and samples.

Here's what I got rid of:

Pantene Aqua Light Conditioner - Pantene has been a very affordable staple in my life, and it does a pretty good job for me. This is no different.
Repurchase? Yes!
Dove Visible Beauty Nourishing Body Lotion - A lovely lotion! It left my skin feeling soft, and while it absorbed quite well, there was still a bit of a layer afterwards. However, this meant that when I had a shower, my skin felt quite supple.
Repurchase? Perhaps when I run out of lotion - which is likely never.
Skinvitals H-revive Face Mask Sheet - see my review here.
Repurchase? No.
Etude House I Need You! Lemon Face Mask Sheet - see my review here.
Repurchase? Absolutely!
Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum - I just about NEVER finish lip products, due to the sheer number of lip glosses/sticks/balms/pots/crayons I have, so it's got to be a very special lippie to keep me enticed! Soft, buttery (like it's name) and smooth - this was a favourite for months! If you haven't tried one of these babies, I urge you to run, run, RUN to your closest Priceline!
Repurchase? YES!
Australis 3 in 1 Makeup Remover Wipes - just terrible stuff. Bought on sale for $1.95, I was well impressed by my shopping prowess, only to be disappointed by the lack of moisture in them. They were quite abrasive, and just about exfoliated my makeup off. On the upside, they worked quite well with my Simple eye makeup remover.
Repurchase? Uh uh.
YSL Elle 15ml EDP - it's a travel version, and quite a beautiful scent. I wore it at night and during the day (I have some scents that are time specific), and had a sexy feel to it.
Repurchase? Yes.
Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil (hard to find in this picture) - this was a gift with purchase I got ages ago. I've been using it along my lash line, and it's been ok, but not amazing.
Repurchase? No.

Listerine Zero - bought in sale, but not my favourite of the whole range. I've since bought my usual flavor.
Repurchase? No.
Press & Go nails - received as a freebie, I found these to actually be quite convincing in terms of passing them off as my own nails, and ridiculously easy to remove.
Repurchase? Maybe!
Woolworth's brand Make-Up Remover Pads - they work well, and are easy on the bank account.
Repurchase? Already have and halfway through the pack!
Jurlique Hand Cream in Lavender - I got this when I first joined up to Bellabox at their pop-up store. Lovely and light, without leaving a residue.
Repurchase? If I could afford it!
Beauty Buffett White Tea and Gingko Facial Mask - I wore this on my recent trip to Melbourne and was quite confused at first, because there's a non-stick surface on it to prevent clumping, and that was my first run-in with one of those. I wasn't sure if this did much for my face.
Repurchase? Maybe.
Somme Institute Nourishing Cleanser - gifted to me by my sister, it took me forever to finish this! Not sure if this was nourishing, but it certainly was gentle.
Repurchase? No - it was good, but there are more affordable ones out there.
And that's my round up for the full sized products! Stay tuned for the samples! What did you finish up last month?