Review: Nivea Deep Cleansing Facial Kit

These days, everyone and their dog are churning out cleansing tools similar to Clarisonics. I got this as part of a gift with purchase from Priceline last month. See here for more details. I was quite excited when I got it, because I was interested in getting an Olay one, or even investing in a Clarisonic, after reading all the wonderful reviews online.
Here's what I found when I opened the box:
A cute little baby blue case that stores everything, and two AA batteries! Included in the package, I found the handle, two brush heads and two cleansing pads, as well as instructions.


With two settings, low and high (the low being for your face, and high for your body, although a little odd, seeing as it's NOT waterproof), it's supposed to be a deep cleansing tool.

I've used it couple of times now, and I don't think I've really noticed a difference, but I'm going to give it another few weeks, then update accordingly!

What about you? Do you use a similar tool? If so, which one, and do you love it?


  1. I just got mine today! funny thing I picked it up cause I read free gift so I thought it meant if I purchased something from Nivea lol anyways the cashier didn't say anything so I only paid $6 for the cleanser and got my gadget! lol cannot wait to use it.


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