Review: Lonvitalite 24-K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask

I'm sure by now you're aware that I love my face masks, and there are tons on the market, so it can be tricky figuring out what's right for you. They can be a little hit and miss, but this one is fabulous!

I thought I'd try one that I received in my Brisbane Box from a couple of months ago from the gorgeous Miss SC. Given the 34 degree Sunday in Sydney, I thought lying around with a cool facial mask would be the best thing for me!

Here's what I looked like with it on:

Isn't it charming? I don't think anyone could ever look pretty with one on (although I'd be glad to be proven otherwise if someone would like to send me a picture!). As you can see, however, when I put it on, it covered a really wide area, including over most of the nose, except for the tip, but they did leave some flaps on that, if I'd wanted to, could have covered my eyes and kept them shut.
Check out all the serum just flowing from the packet being opened! That was the first thing I noticed when I tore the pack opened, just the sheer amount of thick serum pouring out of the pack. The next thing that I noticed was just how cooling the mask felt on my face! It was like an explosion of cool - just what I needed on a 34 degree day!

I waited the 20 minutes before whipping it off and tapping the serum in. It sank in after a while, and I applied my night cream over it. My skin felt refreshed and clean after using it.

Overall, a really nice experience with this. I've only tried one other thing from them before, and it was a whitening mask for the hand, which I can honestly say didn't excite me too much, so this was a lovely contrast.

Did you know that Lonvitalite is a QLD based company? Hop over here to see what might catch your eye. A 5 pack of this retails for $29, and they have a range of other masks too!


  1. that looks cool! I love face masks. Have never tried that one before {did try the hand whitening one but like you didn't think much of it}, it certainly looks nice and refreshing :)

  2. now i feel bad for dissing this in my review.

    1. Don't be! It might not feel the same for you as it did for me!

  3. I received this in my October 2013 Bellabox and loved it as well. Great review. x ❤


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