Fashion in Fate's Hands Edition 1: Polkadot Dress

Hello lovelies! Long time, no posts! So sorry for not being around for the last few days - I've been busy with life, work and laundry.

I came across a fantastic new challenge for myself the other day when I was out shopping with Miss Likely Right (she's a smart cookie). Just as a side note here - I can't believe it's taken me this long to mention her, seeing as she's one of my favourite people! I found these little die, actually not that little, at Typo and decided to buy it as a way to get more use out of my wardrobe.

I won't kid you, lovely reader - my closet is actually overflowing with stuff, even with ongoing closet cleanouts, and I tend to gravitate towards the same outfit very often, so this is a good way to get more out of my wardrobe and keep my fashion sense on it's toes.
This is pretty self explanatory - you roll the die for them to dictate your outfit, and for anything that I roll which doesn't exist in my closet (yes, that can actually happen!), I'd just roll again. Here's what I got when I rolled it today:

First time lucky! I reached in and grabbed the first polka dot dress I could find:


 And here's the finished outfit! I teamed my little One Teaspoon polka dot mini dress with this black Betsey Johnson leather bag and Wayne Cooper ankle boots. I also wore my new bracelet from the latest Her Fashion Box, and left all other jewellery off.

Here's the best part - I've had this dress for about 5 months, and wore it for the first time today! This system is already working!

There you have it! What did you wear this weekend? Would you be comfortable leaving your fashion choices up to chance?


  1. that dress is really cute! my wardrobe is unfortunately not overflowing.. so I'd need these to help me decide my makeup or nail polish for the day!

    1. Polkadot nails would be cute! Trust me, a shopping addiction and an overflowing wardrobe, while fun, can also be very strenuous - for the clothing rail!


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