High tea at Water Bar, Blue Sydney, Woolloomooloo

Who's sick of high tea? I know I'm not! I had a wonderfully girly day with the gorgeous Miss Kinda Hilarious this week. It started with our usual stalk through Priceline, where she picked up items she was looking for. We then headed over to the Body Shop for a makeover for her (I received a coupon from a friend, and Miss KH was the lucky recipient), and a brow thread and tint at Tantrix (I love that place!), finishing off with a different kind of high tea over at Water Bar, which is located in the lobby of Blue Sydney in Woolloomooloo.
The service was excellent, with us being shown straight to our table. Here's the setting of the table for our Mad Hatter Tea Party!

And here are some gorgeous little blueberries bobbing around in our teacups, floating in a sea of what was known as the Queen of Hearts cocktail, a delicious berry-based concoction.
The ambience was relaxed, and we lounged around in our plush armchairs like ladies of leisure. Our three tiers were brought over to us, and each layer was explained to us, and we were also handed a menu.
We then feasted on the following:

Here's a close up of our white poker chips!

I enjoyed the spin on high tea, with a mix of sweet and savoury items. There were some stand out items, particularly the arancini balls.

While it was fun and a good setup with brilliant service, it was a bit of a gimmicky high tea and the portions were small and reasonably tasty, but not mind blowing. This left me feeling a bit puckish still afterwards.

Overall, I would rate this:



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    1. Super cute! I did think that it was weird they were paired with candied onion, though. Not a bad mix, but certainly odd.

  2. I ♥ the Water Bar. One of my absolute favourite places to have a drink (or 10 haha). The set up looks so gorgeous. High teas are usually notorious for not being very filling :( But it's still lovely to go them

    1. I actually find them crazy filling, but I also fill up with so much tea, I practically slosh afterwards! This one had some small portions, which was a shame, but the ambience was lovely!


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