Fashion in Fate's Hands Edition 2: White Denim

Hello cuties! What a lovely weekend it was! Too bad I had to spend a portion of it at work, but eh, c'est la vie! When duty calls, you have to get with the program! Plus, everything went smoothly, so no real complaints, aside from not being able to sleep in, but having a cat who likes to wake up early alsoruins it, so, really, I mean, typical weekend then!

Due to my having to wakeup early for a continuous number of days, I forgot to take a picture of my outfit all laid out on the bed, sorry! Silly muddled little head!

Here's what I rolled:

I had a small amount of panic at first - white denim? What the...? I once had a denim jacket that was white, but I gave it away a long time ago. Then, it struck me - ah ha! Just warm enough for shorts, so I donned the following:
This may look like cheating, but it's a white based pair of denim shorts with frayed edges and studs - super cute! I got it on sale from Dotti for $5, and I paired with a check shirt from Glassons, also bought on sale for $15. Not bad for a casual weekend outfit!
What did you wear this weekend? Did you have to work too?


  1. definitely classed as white denim.. I can see the white! And there's nothing better than an absolute bargain!

    1. Glad someone thinks I wasn't cheating! It was such a great outfit for a gorgeous Spring day.

  2. Totes cute outfit + what an awesome bargain find =)


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