October Brisbane Box!

Hello, all you lovely people!
I hope your weekend is going well! To round out the end of the working week, I received a lovely parcel from my wonderful friend, Miss SC over in Brisbane. You can check out her blog here (she just did a great review of PureTan recently where you can really see the difference and it looks streak free - I don't know how she does it!) and this post explains Brissie Box.

The theme of this month's box is "Trick or Treat" - just perfect for October!

Here's what I got this month from my wonderful, funny friend (and I get to see her next weekend!!!):
1) The Box - reusable and cute, Daiso's excellent for little things like this! For those not in the know, Daiso is a Japanese store that sells everything, and I mean, everything for $2.80. Check it out if you haven't already - you're bound to pick up something good in that store!
2) John Frieda Shampoo sachet - looking forward to using this one as a bit of a break from my trusty old Pantene.
3) Orange poncho - it's so cute! Listed as functions for this poncho - keeping dry, a Halloween costume, or wearing it while a cat chases you - all very handy uses!
4) Make up sponges from Daiso - I don't use them often, but every now and then, I find the need for one, so this is good to have received and will be staying in my girly drawer ready to be used next time.
5) Cotton buds in pink and black - I've never used anything but white ones before, so it's a really cute inclusion!
6) Spooky Lindt chocolate - I'm not ashamed to admit that I ate this while typing. Like, leave it? I don't think so! It was tasty!
7) Two CDS:
- Triple MMM Ripper 90s - 40 best of the 90s tracks, Mr Prince has already eyed this CD, even going as far as stroking it in a loving manner. I can see where it's ending up - in his car with the Slash CD from a couple of years back.
- Month of music - I don't listen to much of new music, aside from country, but I do like to listen to things outside my scope from time to time, so this would be good to have in Mr Prince's car.
That's it! How very cute! What have you done for a friend recently? Do you have one that you exchange parcels with regularly?


  1. Super cute review! Glad you liked it :)

    1. It's too cute! Thanks for the chocolate - it was super tasty!


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