Outfit of the weekend

Hello, gorgeous girls!
Have you been goofing off this long weekend here in Sydney, or working hard? I've had to pop into work a couple of times, in addition to sending some emails and placing a few calls, but nothing horrendous, thank goodness.

On Saturday night, a couple of my friends and I headed out for drinks in amongst all the fleet review madness, only to find that Kings Cross was practically dead at 8 PM! We went to the Roosevelt first, where the food was tasty, and the cocktails cool. The atmosphere was lively, and just an excellent start to the evening.

We then moved on to Palmer and Co., another small bar in Sydney, placed right behind the Establishment, where you have to walk down a little laneway to find it. I couldn't make it a late one, unfortunately, due to my work commitments, but it was lovely just the same, to be able to get out of the house and do something else.

Here's what I wore:

This Lipsy dress was purchased online at ASOS and afforded quite a bit of coverage while being sheer, all at the same time. I was also wearing my bracelet and ring from the most recent Her Fashion Box, which I've received quite a few compliments for, and using a Balenciaga-like clutch, gifted to me by my sister. My ankle boots, recently purchased from Betts, gave it a bit of a harder edge, and also meant that I could keep my balance after drinking!

Please don't mind the shoes in the background! I've been trying to sort out what's going and what's staying!

What was your favourite outfit from the weekend? Did you keep things low key, or did you head out on the town too?