October Her Fashion Box Review!

Another day, another post! I love me some good mail, and I got a wonderful little parcel in the mail yesterday - oddly enough, it was sent to my home address, not my work place, and stranger still, there's only a tiny slot for mail, but somehow my box got INTO the mailbox and it was still locked when I went to retrieve stuff from it? How weird is that? Better than getting things stolen from my mailbox, but I'm still puzzled as to how they managed to squish the large box through into a small slot.
In any case, their hard work has enabled me to bring this little gem to your attention! Hello, Her Fashion Box! What a great way to reach the middle of my week! For those who don't know what Her Fashion Box is, it's a subscription box that combines two of my favourite things into one - fashion and beauty, and it costs $40 per month, and you get to pick which type suits you, Classic, Feminine or Trendy. Find out more here.
Here's what I got in the box:

Seems like quite a full box, doesn't it? I got the Feminine box and here's a breakdown of everything in it:
1) The Alectrona necklace in red
2) Shot Through the Heart ring in silver
3) Turquoise is a Girl's Best Friend ring
4) Revitanail triple strength colour in Black Plum
5) Revitanail triple strength colour in Marshmellow
6) Tea strainer
7) Tea with benefits Skin Bright Oh My! Evening Tea
8) Lonvitalite C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Mask
9) Ulta3 Matte Lipstick in Cherry Wine
10) Ulta3 Matte Lipstick in Sahara Rose

That's quite a haul! There are also a couple of coupons in it, including $50 off StyleRocks, 50% for new members for their first box, and $30 off HelloFresh.
Overall, I'm quite pleased with this box. I haven't tried any Revitanail polishes before, but I have tried their nail wipes, and haven't been blown away, so I'm hoping that these knock my socks off! I like the turquoise ring, but I did once have a ring similar to the silver one, so that's ok. The tea is also exciting, and while the lipsticks aren't particularly pricey, retailing at $3.95, I think this is a great way to try bright colours if you find them a little overwhelming. 
Which one did you get? What item excites you the most?


  1. i just looked up hellofresh and i'm quite tempted! sounds like a great idea

  2. I take it that it's a lot like a subscription box where you can puck when to stop, but food rather than makeup is involved?

  3. I received mine today but only got the one lipstick, boo! Otherwise I really enjoyed this box! Very strange about your post box haha! xx

    1. That's a little odd! I don't know how I got so lucky!


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