High Tea at Sofi's Lounge, Sofitel, Melbourne

Aside from shopping, I indulged in something wonderful in Melbourne over the weekend with Miss SV - high tea, of course!

We arrived at the Sofitel, which looked like, on the outside on Collins Street, a mall, but extremely grand with high ceilings once inside. The high tea took place at Sofi's Lounge, which was quite pretty, with couches and armchairs.

We went for high tea with some sparkling, and here's what we got:

It was a little bit of a challenge, with Miss SV being a vegan, but we were both pleasantly surprised by their offerings. It was definitely 100% vegan, and here's what she got:

They were unfortunately unable to accommodate scones for her, due to there being eggs in the scones, but that's something minor. However, if they wanted to, they could have done vegan scones for her - she's had it at a high tea before. Don't the sweets look marvelous? I had a moment of jealousy with all those sweets! Then I got started on mine, and that moment passed. Here's what I got:

The sandwiches included salmon, egg mayo, cucumber, ham and cheese and a roast beef wrap.

This one was a little bit different! Instead of a plain scone and a raisin scone, I got two raisin scones. However, I got a whopping lot of VERY clotted cream, strawberry jam and lemon butter - and they were glorious!

I ended things with a lovely mango mousse slice, strawberry tart and chocolate cake. Perfection!

For teas, I got my usual quiet Chamomile with a side of honey, and Miss SV for blackberry (I think) and hibiscus - all of which tasted delightful.
While the service was good in that they were very quick, and perceptive (I looked over at one point, just glancing around the room, and someone zoomed over to see if I needed anything), I had to ask for a tea menu when they asked me what tea I wanted, and the food wasn't described to us. Call me a stickler for a bit of fancy, but I don't think it's too much ask. However, as mentioned, the service was otherwise amazing.
I would rate this:
Have you been before? What was your favorite bit?