Lust Have It Eco Box - Spring Edition!

Hello lovelies!
I got an excellent parcel in the mail today - my very first Lust Have It Eco Box! And it's excellent! I ran into a bit of a snafu with LHI recently, with the other Eco Box (I bought a deal for $29.95 for the Winter and Spring boxes) being sent back to the company, due to a mix up in the address. I didn't think it was actually my fault, but I just coughed up the $10 for it to be sent back to me after some to and froing.

In any case, I'm super pleased with the offerings for this quarter, so please join me in welcoming the newest member of my Lust Have It horde!

1) Out of Africa 100% Organic Shea Butter with Vitamin E in Grapefruit - on the card, it says that this is supposed to 'firm, strengthen and soothe the delicate breast tissue, restore skin ton and reduce the' and cuts off there. On the back of the box, it gives more information, detailing that it's supposed to prevent and/or reduce stretch marks, soften the skin and help with skin conditions, like eczema, which I have a mild bit of, and reduce aging, wrinkles and scars. I'm skeptical, but I do love my moisturisers, particularly as I'm headed to New York and Toronto in November, when it'll be cold and dry, so this might be sneaking away with me!
2) NS-3 Lip Balm - this has a kind of minty smell! This is a natural and organic papaw formula, and is supposed to protect against weather damage. I love lip products, so I can't wait to give this a go!
3) Fresh Therapies Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover - this is itty bitty and it states that it has ingredients that are non-toxic. This smells citrusy, and while I doubt that this will stretch to more than 1 hand, I would love to see how this compares against my usual stuff.
4) La Mav Natural Organic Skincare Jojoba-Beads and Argan Oil Exfoliating Scrub - I would have preferred the clay mask that Jac got over at MatillyRose, but I do like a face scrub, so this a nice thing to see in my box. It's also free from petrochemicals, parabens, and all the usual nasties.
5) Sukin Facial Moisturiser - I'm actually currently using this at the moment! It's quite a nice moisturizer, with a fresh, citrusy scent, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and 'awake', if you know what I mean.
6) Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser - this is sulphate free and when I opened this box at work, Miss SV said that she was already using this, and really liked it.
7) Savi Organics Wellbeing Hand Cream - I've tried a Savi cream that came in a Lust Have It box before, and frankly, wasn't blown away, so I'm not expecting much from this, but I use a hand cream before bed every night, so this will get used. It also has a herbally/citrusy scent, which is less intense than the lotion I had before, fur it's still quite obvious.
8) Savi Organics Face Cream for Dry Sensitive or Mature Skin - this smells similar, and I feel about the same about this as I do about the other Savi cream.
9) Sasy and Savy Citrus Souffle Body Crème - this smells like lemons! This is only tiny, so it might serve me well on the plane.
10) Tom Organics Regular Tampons - Here it is again! I don't use this, so again, this will go to my sister.
Overall, an excellent box, despite not being 100% on all the items! What did you get in your box? Are you going to use everything in it?


  1. I only got my box today and haven't even had a chance to see what I got... haha! I can see a few items I'm not sure about.. but a few items I can't wait to try! xx

    1. I feel that way about the boxes sometimes, but I'm so addicted to them, I can't seem to stop my subs! I can't wait to read your review!


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