Review: Rosehip by Essano Collagen Repair Night Creme and Moisturising Creme Cleanser

Rosehip by Essano is a brand that I tried about over a year ago, but I've since gone really far down the skincare rabbit hole, and I haven't quite had the chance to explore it any further until now. I purchased the micellar water, which is indeed quite gentle and good for sensitive skin days (but not amazing with stubborn liquid liner), and as luck would have it, I was offered the chance to trial a couple of skincare bits and bobs, and I was more than excited to give it a go!

A while back, I tried the Moisture Restorative Night Creme, which you can read about here, and while I thought it was decent, it also didn't feel amazingly moisturizing. Thankfully, the Collagen Repair Night Creme is better suited to my skin, because I've been using this religiously for over 3 weeks now and it's been fantastic! This comes in a jar, which isn't great, but it's a lovely dark brown glass one with a plastic black screw top. This has a relatively thick consistency, and it feels like your skin is slowly drinking it in. This is meant to stimulate collagen and protect the epidermal layer of the skin. I love that, despite the consistency, my skin doesn't feel smothered by the lotion, but instead, my face just seems softer and moisturized. This retails for $24.99 for 50 g. I'm over halfway through the jar, and I'll definitely be finishing it off!

I was also sent the Hand Creme, which was the first product I tried over a year ago. and while I liked it enough to finish it, I didn't love it. I found it to leave a bit of a waxy film on my hands, which I didn't really enjoy. If you're interested in reading more about this, you can head to the link here. I will say, however, that of course, products vary from person to person. A friend said she loved the hand creme and that she'd be repurchasing it once she's gone through it, which goes to show that what doesn't work for someone might be amazing for another person! This retails for $14.99 for 120 ml.

The Moisturising Creme Cleanser is another one that gets my tick of approval! This has a slightly creamy, medium consistency that manages to cleanse without stripping the skin, causing the skin to feel stretched and itchy. Instead, this lovely cleanser is gentle on my face, and it works really well on my normal skin, particularly when the weather has been fluctuating between hot and cold, as the colder days have made my skin a little dry. Therefore, a cream cleanser is best for my skin at this time of the year. This is $14.99 for 100 ml.

I'm really glad I got to try these goodies, because it certainly goes to show that just because there are some products that may be average for some, it doesn't mean that it applies across the board for the brand. This has made me very curious about the rest of the brand, and I look forward to trying other bits and bobs of skincare from Rosehip by Essano in the future!

Have you tried Rosehip by Essano before? What's your favourite product from them?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. I've used a few products from this brand and have been happy with them. I can't remember which night cream I used but my skin liked it as well as the rose hip oil and cleanser. Some nice affordable products here!

    xo Kat @ Katness

  2. I've tried the micellar water (LOVE) & have tested the hand cream (meh, not moisturising enough for my parched hands), but that's about it. I might think about the Collagen Night Repair Creme for winter.


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