New Brand in Sephora: Erno Laszlo

I love that Sephora hasn't just arrived in Australia, but that it has totally snowballed. I mean, we don't just have numerous Sephora stores now, in different states, but we also have brands filtering through from the US Sephora, which means that certain brands are that much more accessible to us. How great is that?

One such brand to reach our shores recently is Erno Laszlo. If it's good enough for the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, then it certainly is good enough for me! Erno Laszlo was created in 1927, and has been going strong ever since. Part of what they're known for is double cleansing and what's really cool about this is that you get to pick the ideal duo that works for your skin according to if you're looking to exfoliate and detox, firm and lift, hydrate and nourish, purify and control, soothe and calm or whiten and brighten. Basically, if you've got an issue that you need targeted, there's a duo to fix it for you! How neat is that?

Let me just explain what double cleansing is about - first, you use the cleansing oil to breakdown the dirt and makeup on your skin without stripping it of natural moisture in a harsh manner, then you use the cleansing bars, which are packed with antioxidants, to emulsify the oil, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

In fact, it's as easy as:
1) pouring two pumps of cleansing oil into your hands
2) rubbing it on the face in circular motions
3) wetting the bar before gently massaging it over the face
4) setting the bar down, then massaging the skin with your fingertips
5) washing it all away to reveal soft, refreshed skin

The brand isn't just about cleansing duos - they also do a range of masks and moisturisers, as well as toners, serums and eye creams. The cleansing duos are suitable for travel and retail for only $57, or you can get the non-travel size products separately.

Are you a double cleanser? Have you tried Erno Laszlo products before?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration