New Release: Bourjois 'Red In The City' Range

I believe that accessories can complete an outfit, and I also believe that in lieu of accessories, you can totally jazz up what you're wearing with the perfect red lipstick. For those who are afraid of red, given that it can be a very bold choice, Bourjois now has you covered with their Red In The City range!

Bourjois has now released 7 brand new shades of red as part of their permanent collection, and that means that there really is a shade of red for every single woman out there! 

The Rouge Edition Velvets retail for $24 each, and their texture is absolutely stunning! I love these so much that I use them either as a base to stain the lips to begin with, or just on the llps themselves - a gorgeous lippie that doesn't run, smudge or go funny on my lips - an absolute favourite!

The Rouge Edition 12 Heures provide a semi-matte finish and long lasting wear, combined with a creamy texture. I do love that these come in a black case with a clear bottom so that you can see the shade of the lipstick. These retail for $19 each and they are all absolutely gorgeous!

For the Rouge Edition Velvet lippies, there are:
1) Hot Pepper (03) - a very bright orange red
2) Grand Cru (08) - a bold blue red
3) Re(d)volution (15) - a classic bright red 
4) It's Redding Men (18) - a pink red (any darker and it would be a pink)
5) Jolie-de-vin (19) - a brown red

For the Rouge Edition 12 Heures, there are:
1) Cherry My Cherie (34) - a pinky red with a hint of orange
2) Rouge Your Body (43) - an orange red
3) Red-Belle (44) - a classic red
4) Red-outable (45) - a gorgeous blue red
5) Burgund'it (46) - a brown red

There really is a red for everyone, and for those who are too timid to give it a go, please reconsider, and get swatching, because you may be pleasantly surprised! 

All these reds are so beautiful, I know that I'll be reaching for them on a regular basis! For anyone who might not have tried the Bourjois lippies before, particularly the Rouge Edition Velvets, I would strongly urge you to lurk around that stand and purchase one! They don't dry out the lips incredibly, and these are just gorgeous on.

Are you excited about these new reds? What's your ideal red?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. I love Bourjois lipsticks especially the Bold Reds ! They are amazing !


  2. I love Bourjois's Rouge Edition Velvets and the 12 Heures lippies. It's Redding Men sounds like my kinda shade.

  3. There is definitely a right red for everyone! Just a matter of finding it . . .

  4. These looks absolutely gorgeous! I need to wear red more often, I'm just bad at keeping it in place when I eat or drink though!

  5. Awesome range of red lipsticks! Reminds me I should not be scared to wear lipstick on daily basis. :)

    Michelle Morchella

  6. These look stunning. I love a good red! Lippie and wine - lol!


  7. Oh wow, you know hon I've never EVER tried a Bourjois lipstick - gahhhh! What's wrong with me? I have a stash of Priceline vouchers and was wondering what to use them for, so thanks for solving my dilemma - I want these SO bad lol xxx

    1. Get out! With all your lip swatches? Get on it, babe!

  8. woah so many reds! You are so good at rocking reds though!


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