Review: Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Foam

So, I'm in no way an expert on self tanners, but I've used enough of it now that I'm quite decent at DIY marinating! Therefore, given the recent changes and improvements in self tanners, I was a little taken aback when I found that Bondi Sands' new ultra dark self tanning foam was meant to take about 6 hours to develop. However, I was intrigued by the promise of ultra dark, and I figured that was worth the 6 hour wait!

First off, this has quite a nice and firm foam pump, and it's easy to get the self tanner out. It smells like coconut, which I don't mind, and I'm not much for coconut scents in general. While it gets on the mitt just fine, I think the formula is actually a little runnier than I would like, making application a little tricky. My tip? Work fast and efficiently!

Going over the skin in circular motions will produce a mostly smooth finish, but make sure you're quick, because this stuff stains really well! The first time I used this, it overlapped a little bit, making parts of the tan a little darker than other parts. Thankfully, I didn't find this to be a permanent thing once I washed it off! I was concerned I would get an overlapping tan, but it's all good!

In regards to fading, it's relatively even, and not terribly patchy - a definite plus! My one gripe with it would be the dry down time. I must be spoilt from all the 1 hour tan products I've used, because I found this left me standing for about half an hour, doing a little jig while waiting. However, once it's dried down, I could comfortably pull on my track pants and potter around the house while waiting for my skin to darken! Perhaps not a self tanner to use in a cold room in the dead of Winter, but otherwise, the results certainly outweigh the little inconveniences!

Have you tried the Ultra Dark by Bondi Sands yet? Are you a dark, or ultra dark kinda babe?

* This product was provided for editorial consideration