Review: BaByliss Duoflex 770 Cordless Epilator

I've always looked at epilators with a mixture of fear and wonderment - I mean, here's a machine that claims to defluff my body by literally pulling the hairs out. How can that not be frightening? Thankfully, being a beauty blogger means using me as a guinea pig for many things, and I am incredibly happy to report that all of my fears remained unfounded after using this BaByliss Duoflex 770 Cordless Epilator!

This little baby features duoflex heads, which sit at a 30 degree angle, and these flex and hug every curve of the body to remove hair, even in tricky areas. The reverse rotation technology allows the duroflex heads to turn in opposite directions to stimulate skin, as well as reduce sensitivity caused by plucking,

This also uses V-Capture technology and what that means, is that there are 60 v-shaped tweezers that provide optimal pressure to efficiently and gently remove hair. This has two speeds - the first being for sensitive areas, and the second for larger parts of the body. I love that this can be used either wet or dry, which means that this can also be used in the shower, being that it's waterproof. This also as a run time of 40 minutes off the charger, which should be sufficient for getting those pins nice and smooth.

There are also several attachments that come with the appliance, including:
1) 2 comb guides for pre-trimming
2) Foil shaver attachment - designed to glide over skin for a nick free smooth finish
3) Sensitive area epilation attachment - for precision hair removal from under arms and bikini lines
4) Facial epilation attachment - for removal of fine hairs above the lips and chin
5) Protective cap and pouch

After looking at the epilator for a week, I bit the bullet and finally used it. I turned on the TV so that I could actually something as a distraction, in case it hurt, but the pain I kept waiting for never showed up. Instead, this buzzy little device, which can sound really frightening, allowed me to get smooth, non-irritated skin, and all that without needing to be distracted by the TV! I had to go over my legs a few times, and taking care to resist the temptation to press down too hard as that would stop it from working, before I was happy with how my skin felt.

I found manipulation around the curves, like knees, a little tricky, but the different heads did help, and switching them wasn't too hard. This is also easy to charge and overall, a very straightforward machine to use.

This retails for $169.95 and if you're looking to try an epilator, but you're afraid of the potential for pain, it would be a really piece to get started with!

What has been your experience with epilators? If you haven't tried them before, would you?

* This product was provided for editorial consideration


  1. I brought one today. My mum had one when i was like 5 and did a better job. Used mine for 20 minutes today. Im not very hairy as i shave and wax. I cleaning my babyliss paris 750 duoflex epilator today and its either jammed or dead. Not very impressed. I spent an hour cleaning with a brush, running water, and putting the hairdryer to it and removed as much hair as possible. Im returning mine tomorrow ive had enough.


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