Review: Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation

As my skin is actually pretty decent and mostly blemish free, I don't tend to need a lot in terms of cover up, which means that I always reach for sheer foundations. I'm also keen on a dewy finish, as I feel that this makes my skin look more natural underneath foundation, and my skin isn't oily anyway, so matte isn't something I would often go for.

Hence, Rimmel's newest foundation, Fresher Skin, is a very welcome addition to my rotation of base products. This particular foundation comes in a jar with a screw lid, and contains SPF 15. This is meant to be best for those with combination to normal skin, and the first thing that I noticed about this foundation was the formula.

This has quite a bouncy (how about that surface tension!) almost gel-like consistency to it, making it a little interesting when initially applying it to the skin with a brush. I almost feel like this one would be best with just fingers. Aside from the interesting texture, the other thing about the formula is that this is meant to help the skin breathe even while under a layer of makeup. I also really like that this has ingredients, such as aloe, chamomile and sea algae to even out skintone and help with the redness of the skin. 

My one gripe with it, of course, is the whole jar set up - you know how I feel about jars! That said, this is at least an easy way to figure out how low on your foundation you're getting, and it also means that you can scoop out all of it - waste not, want not!

Overall, this formula takes a little getting used to, but I do really like it. It has a semi-dewy-ish finish to it, so I don't look shiny, but it's also not a flat matte on me. This baby retails for $18.95 and you can find it wherever Rimmel is stocked.

Have you tried it yet? What are your thoughts on it?

* This product was provided for editorial consideration


  1. This is such an interesting tub of foundation! I think I would really need to try it.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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