Review: Mary Kay Lip Range

Ok, so Mary Kay has been kicking around the scene for a while, and I can't believe that it took me this long to get around to trying out their goodies, and can I just say - I was majorly missing out!

I was given the chance recently to try a number of lip products from them recently, and these are absolutely stunning!

I was given three shades of lipstick, three shades of lipliner, a lip scrub and a lip balm. The lipsticks are gel semi-matte lipsticks, which is a new formula, and the lipstick colours correspond to those of the lipliner, and they include:
1) Bashful You (nude) lipstick; Medium Nude lip liner
2) Poppy Please (bright red); Rouge Red lip liner
3) Crush Berry (berry purple); Berry lip liner

I love that these glide on easily, and that despite the fact that they are quite pigmented, these stay incredibly creamy and smooth on the lips. These lipsticks come in 8 different shades, and retail for $25 each. Similarly, the lip liners do not tug on the skin, and they trace the outline of my lips easily, providing the lines in which to colour between. It's also really great that the lipliners are wind up ones, and while I think the lipstick casing is quite chunky, it is a beautiful glossy black, with a transparent part to the cap, so that you can tell what colour the lipstick within actually is. These come in 6 shades, and go for $18 each.

The lip scrub doesn't disappoint either! The shea sugar scrub incorporates white tea and citrus, all designed to refresh the lips so that you can colour it better, without imperfections in the background, and this has an adequate particle size, so that you can scrub the lips really well. I love this so much that it lives in my handbag so that I can touch up after a long day at work!

I tend to follow up my little exfoliation session with the shea butter balm, replenishing the moisture after removing the dead skin. This keeps my pucker soft and smooth, ready for whatever colour I choose to go with! These retail for $28 each.

These products have been a serious treat to try! I have been using the nude lippie since I got it, and I've been finding it hard to put down. You can find out more about the brand from their Facebook site over here.

What Mary Kay products have you tried previously? Have you tried any of their lipsticks?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration