Review: Ouai Wave Spray and Treatment Masque

O-ai? U-ai? O-u-ai? If your tongue gets confused every time you look at this brand that's stocked in Sephora, then let me give you a bit of a hand, because I needed it myself! Every time you look at this, you need to think of how great it is and how awesome your hair looks - WAY to go!

If that's not quite clicking for you, then perhaps you can think of all the money that you might have WA-sted on certain products that didn't work for your hair. Catching on yet? That's right, Ouai is pronounced as way, and I'm sure that after using their products, you'd certainly be seeing things their ouai!

I've been using their Wave Spray, and this is seriously different compared to other wave, salt based sprays that I've tried on my hair previously. This is a texturising mist that contains rice protein, and this is meant to give the hair a boost, hold waves for those that already have a tendency to lean towards an undone look, and this doesn't leave the hair crunchy or solid.

On my really straight, sometimes flat hair, this particular Wave Spray gives it a boost so that my hair doesn't look limp and it also helps the layers around my face look a little more defined. Small things, I realise, but it makes a difference to what I would look like otherwise, so this is something that I'd be reaching for on a fairly regular basis. This really doesn't cause my hair to feel stiff or frozen, which is really excellent, however, it does leave a bit of a residue, while still keeping the hair soft.

If you're looking for a major hair player, though, you can't go past their Treatment Masque. This comes in a box of 8 packets, and they are single use sachets. You can slather it on for when you're in need of an extra boost after you've been mean to your hair (which would be curling, in my case), or simply as a conditioner for a daily treat to soften your strands. My hair is incredibly soft, but not weighed down, after using one of these. Downside? They are single use sachets! What am I going to do when I run out?

You can get the Wave Spray for $40 and the Treatment Masque for $50 at Sephora. Time to become Ouai addicted to this brand!

What's your go to treatment masque? Would you use the Wave Spray?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. I nearly bought the Ouai Wave Spray whilst in America, but ended up backing out as I didn't think I'd use it that often. Kinda regretting it now as I've heard a bit more about it lately & think I want it now. Methinks I need a texturising product when I curl my hair, otherwise it just doesn't hold. I didn't know how Ouai was pronounced either, so thanks for the info!

    1. I think someone needs to teach a class on how to pronounce certain brands!


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