Review: Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set, Miracle Sculpting Sponge and Mini Eraser Sponges

I think we would all agree that this has been a big year for Real Techniques, with Sam and Nic visiting Australia, which I sadly couldn't participate in (it's been a big year for me too!), and with their latest releases, Real Techniques is seriously closing out the year with a bang!

I love mini sponges - they always look like they should be sitting on a cake! Their mini eraser sponges aren't just cute though - these are actually quite functional. I prefer using them damp to help blend along my crease, as opposed to using them dry for getting rid of mistakes. The latter, while it does work, certainly takes a little longer than expected, and it feels a little like it tugs on me. That said, I'm going to have to try maybe dabbing it a little bit and seeing if that would work better for me.

The miracle sculpting sponge is definitely one to use damp. This has a total of 6 surfaces, specially designed to help contour and highlight. I love using cream highlighters with this one, and this is also great at blending my bronzer.

The limited edition (and we all know how much I love those words!) Ultimate Base Set is comprised of 3 base building tools, including the expert face brush, miracle complexion sponge and deluxe concealer brush. The expert face brush is easy to use, and I find this a little less dense than the one I was using before, but as such, also manages to not leave as many streaks once the foundation builds up on the brush. This is a good thing for the lazy side of me, but probably not so great for the germ fearing side! I like that this is quite firm, making it easy to buff the foundation, and also to help blend out bronzer.

The concealer brush has quite dense bristles that makes it easy to blend concealer for the undereye area, which is really where I need it. I do tend to still blot over the area with my foundation brush, just to help even things out a little bit, but this is also a good place to use the miracle complexion sponge! 

I've been using the miracle complexion sponge to help blend out the bronzer when I contour, and I also use this to smooth out the highlighter/concealer. Super handy for when I need a bit of help on more complex makeup days!

This set also comes with a great little case that has a relatively big mirror, making it a handy take-it-with-you type of kit. 

If you're after a new addition to your core base collection, then I hope you'll keep these Real Techniques babies in mind! 

Are you a Real Techniques fan? What's your favourite brush?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. Bonus case and mirror to take your makeup on the go! May have to try these, thanks.

  2. I love that base set, the foundation brush is honestly my favourite brush ever! I really want to try the new sponges too!

  3. Ah! I just blog about these goodies too! Almost half my brushes are from Real Techniques.. just too much love for them. I sadly too missed meeting them when they were in Australia.

    Kerri @ Beauty & Things

  4. What a great set! I had actually never heard of an eraser sponge to fix your mistakes before!

  5. YAAAS limited edition, the bane of my existence! :P

    I was lucky enough to meet the girls and they were SO lovely!! I have these sponges as well, but have yet to begin dabbling with them (mainly because I haven't taken blog photos yet, sigh). Can't wait to start using the miracle sculpting sponge!

    1. Jealous! And yes, LE products - seriously why I'm so poor!


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