New Release: Rimmel ScandalEyes Reloaded Mascara and Eyeliners

Rimmel is a very busy company, judging from the number of products that they churn out every year, and this year, they also added Cara Delevingne to their ranks of super hotties that work with them, and the products from their first campaign don't disappoint!

The ScandalEyes Reloaded Mascara comes in an orange tube, which has a bit of a tapered brush. This mascara is meant to be sweat and smudge proof, with up to 24 hour wear, and easy to remove with warm water, so you're not finding massive amounts of it under your eyes after your shower. Clump free volume without the smudging? Awesome!

Do you know what I absolutely love about this mascara? The fact that it doesn't smudge crazy amounts, that's what! I love that this doesn't make me look like a panda, which is reminiscent of the early Rimmel mascaras that I used to have. There are odd stray smudges, but nothing that stops me from wearing this regularly. This also makes my black lashes look even darker - how is that not winning? This retails for $17.95.

Just another note - something about the formula of this mascara makes it so that if you were to cry, you wouldn't have rivers of black running down your face, making clean up so much easier. Great if your work environment happens to be incredibly stressful. Yet another win for this mascara!

The eyeliner duo is meant to be smudge proof and also water proof, and while the general smudge proof stuff is true (so make sure you correct it before it dries down, and it does dry down sufficiently fast, which is good for people who open their lids shortly after applying liquid liner), it isn't as waterproof as I'd like. I found a bit of transfer onto the upper part of my lid after a bit of a cry, but not so bad that I had to redo my eye makeup - overall, pretty impressive for a drugstore brand!

The Thick and Thin eyeliner is good for days when I want to do a bit of a slant to try for a more dramatic cat eye flick, while the Precision eyeliner is perfect for everyday and every look. I can't seem to put it down!

Just a tip - don't be alarmed if you find the eyeliners a little scratchy and a bit too firm to begin with! I find the more I use them, the softer they get, but still staying firm enough to create my desired looks. Additionally, the eyeliners are a black black, and they also stay quite black throughout the day - definitely in high rotation at my place! These guys are $12.95 each.

These are definite winners - I'll be honest, I wasn't sure about the eyeliners to begin with, but I've really grown to love them, and I keep recommending them to people, and that's what I'm doing now! If you're seeking a new liquid liner, make sure you swing by the Rimmel stand!

Have you tried them yet? Are you a slanty or pointy eyeliner girl?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


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