Travel part one: Beauty

The worst thing about travelling is choosing what goes into your suitcase! If you haven’t had that panicky feeling at the counter in the moments right before they weigh your bag, then you are either a sensible traveler, or you’re not a shopaholic like me!

Over the years, I’ve gotten better at picking outfits, including matching shoes, and I’ve even mastered the art of minimizing my accessories, but the one thing that still eludes me is the girly stuff!
I’ve split this up into two posts - one for beauty, and one for toiletries. This is what I have chosen to go on my one week trip with me:


And the close ups:


Hmm… Looks to bit quite a big collection for 1 week away! I might end up removing a few things from it - I don’t think I really need all those lip products…

Stay tuned for what’s coming up in my toiletries collection!