Bellabox August Review!

Another month, another beauty box! Lust Have It really pulled up their socks this month, bringing it back to the level it was back in March of this year. Bellabox has been rolling along steadily, proving to be great value per box. This one is no different. For August, we got:
1) Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser - I got a sample of this from a wedding expo, and didn’t find it terribly exciting. It is only tiny, but good for a long weekend. It’s also reasonably pricey, at $67 for 100ml (for me, anyway).
2) ASAP Ultimate Hydration - Yay! Some handy plane moisturizer! I got EXTREMELY dry on the plane, despite my repeated moisturizing. Might have been my lack of rehydrating, or rather, not as much as ideal. Still, a flight would put this to the test!
3) Ultraceuticals Ultra CC Cream Mineral Tint SPF 30 in Light - WHY?!?! Why, when everyone else seems to be getting dark colours, am I, of Asian descent, and rather dark at that, getting light? Somehow, I find this rather ironic. I’m actually stumped as to what to do with this.
4) Talavou Naturals Illuminisor Lustre - I heart bronzers! This may look like a large container, but there is actually only a little sample size in it. I do think that this is something I’m keen to use, though, so I’m keeping it out of the box and on my dresser starting this week!
5) L’Oreal Base Magique Primer - I do love primers. This is a great travel size that may be going over to Brisbane with me next weekend!
6) Banana Boat Mineral Protect Sensitive SPF 30+ - Guess what, everyone? It’s just one more day until SPRING!!!!! Are we all excited? I sure am! I can’t wait for it to be Spring. And this is going to be amazing for Summer! No lobster burning! Yay!
7) Tom Organic Tampons - A bonus this month. I don’t use them, so it will be regifted to my sister in NY, who, when she came over, found our tampons amusing. I don’t know why, she’s just quirky like that!
That’s it, my Bellas! What did you get in your box?