Target buys - Chi Chi NUDES palette and Essence mascara

So, last week, I was feeling a little snuffly and rundown, and thought I’d go out and get a little cheer-me-up!

Ok, ok… I know that this looks a lot like another palette that I already have - my trusty old Savvy by DB - but this looks more like a dupe for the Naked palette by Urban Decay than my Savvy one does! Also, Target is currently having 25% off Chi Chi cosmetics at the moment, so this was only $17.20 instead of $22.95!

The other thing in the picture is a Lash Mania mascara by Essence. It was marked down to $1.50 (!!!!!!!) and I can’t wait to try it out! For $1.50, unless I get a massive allergic reaction to this, it’s hard to go wrong!

What’s your latest bargain?