Essence Cosmetics Hugs and Kisses Haul!

So apparently, wandering around Priceline here is the equivalent of walking around Watsons in Singapore for me! I had quite a few opportunities to hop into the store and found all the varieties of cosmetics and skincare extremely overwhelming - it was amazing!

While I was there, I spotted a stand by one of my favourite budget makeup companies - Essence!

Isn’t it pretty? Essence released the Hugs and Kisses limited edition makeup as a Valentine’s Day special, which makes it a little odd, seeing most of it still in stores in August, but eh. Of course, I couldn’t help myself and had to get:

This blush looks gorgeous and shimmery, and I don’t tend to use a lip scrub, so I figured this would be something worth trying. I don’t know how to work this into my usual routine, but I’m willing to try!

Do you use a lip scrub? Which one do you like?