Review: Lush Tisty Tosty Ballistic

Hello, avid readers!

Here’s a funny little story! When I was about 14 (over 1/2 my life time ago!), on my very first visit to Lush, which was, I think, only available in Canada at that time, I bought a Tisty Tosty Ballistic, or one very much like it, for one of my friends as a present. This means that it’s one of my very first Lush purchases and I never ever got one for myself, even though I loved it, but whaddya know? I actually received one in my Brisbane Box from Miss SC and used it last night!

For fun, I tossed a bath melt in from one of their Christmas sets and turned the water pink! Here’s the start of it:

I soaked until I turned pruney. In retrospect, the mix wasn’t such a good idea, because it ended up smelling a bit funny, but I did love the Tisty  Tosty Ballistic with it’s 7 rosebuds!

What about you? What’s your favourite bath bomb?