Priceline haul! 40% off skincare!

I love a good sale! I’m probably the last person who needs additional skincare items, seeing as I have TONS I’m still wading through, but with Priceline’s recent 40% off all skincare sale, I did pick up a couple of items for myself, and a LARGE bottle of Cetaphil for Mr Prince.

I popped in with my good friend and work mate, Miss SV (known also as, haha, Miss Stupid Vegan, which is our inside joke, and a name she picked herself, because I’m such a carnivore and she’s very much the opposite), who also managed to pick up a bunch of great things for herself. I have to say, I did find it confusing that some brands had both makeup and skincare, and it was a little hard to differentiate which bits were on sale.

I ended up getting the Skinvitals H-revive face masks and more Biore pore strips! I love that stuff - both useful AND disgusting! Yay!