High tea at Axis Bar and Lounge, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Why, oh why, on all my trips back to Singapore, did I never have high tea there? Who knows, but I can certainly say this now - I’m definitely hitting up more high tea places in Singapore when I get the chance to!

Mr Prince and I took the family to the Axis Bar at Mandarin Oriental for high tea, and this time, almost bit off more than I could chew - literally! Here’s the menu:

Here’s what the table looked like when we got there:

We had so very many courses, we could barely finish them. In fact, my mother had to get some placed in a takeaway container for home. It was insane! Here’s what we ended up putting in our bellies:

As you can see, it’s a mix of English and South East Asian fusion - yummy and certainly great for those adventurous with their high tea tastes!

Here are some pictures of our food:


How cute is that honey?



We ended with some more sweets:

This was so ridiculously filling, I was surprised I didn’t have to roll home afterwards!
This experience was incredible, and the service was excellent. I would rate this: