High tea at Boronia Tea Room, Mosman


Last week, I was very lucky to have my day off coincide with Mr Prince’s, and as such, was able to go off for high tea in the middle of the day. For our lunch, we went to the Boronia Tea Rooms on Mlitary Rd. This was our second visit there, our first being about a year ago, and let me tell you, they have seriously picked their game up since then! A year ago, they were good, but this time, they were AMAZING!

We arrived at noon, and were promptly shown to our table. There were already three other tables of people, one group having arrived just 2 second before us, and the host was very gracious and juggled it without looking harassed. They used these T2 cups, which I recognised, because there’s a set at home!


They had a proper tea menu, and the host, who was the only person running the show, even brought a few other teas over to us for a sniff. I ended up going with T2’s Rose, which had actual rosebuds in it, and Mr Prince had the Monk Pear.



We were served bubbly, and the food arrived shortly after. Check out this spread!



And here are the teapots! We even got an extra teapot of hot water, because our host said the rose tea was known to get a little strong after a while, so it was to dilute it a bit. I also got a generous helping of honey for my tea, which isn’t always the easiest thing to get.

I’m just hoping I do them justice by remembering the right food items! We got:
 - egg and mayonnaise sandwiches
- bacon and capsicum frittata
- shrimp filo pastry
- chicken and piccalilli - its some type of relish and it was tasty!
- salmon, cream cheese and dill

These were followed by:
Two plain scones each accompanied by strawberry jam and vanilla bean cream.

We then had to tackle the sweets:
- blackberry macaroons
- opera gateaux
- date and coffee cream cake
- passionfruit curd and meringue
- almond meal and citrus cake

Overall, the experience was divine and I would rate this:


They did have odd music choice in that they played an instrumental version of ‘Return of the Mack’. That was definitely… different.