Another week - 5 more days until my holidays!

Did this weekend infuse you with happiness and positivity? Sydney was gorgeous - warm, sunny and blue skies for miles. This was what I was rocking for an engagement party on Saturday:

And check out my nails! I finally used my new Essence nail polish from their 50’s line:

My Sunday consisted of me giving the house a little bit of a clean (ever the housewife) and doing some laundry. We also headed out to the off leash dog park near my place, which has a cafĂ© in the middle of it that serves doggie treats, and played ‘Dingo’, also known as dog bingo. It consists of making a list of 5 dogs per person, and ticking them off as you spot the dogs. I won this round, so Mr Prince had to buy me a hot chocolate, and victory was tasty!

Here are some dog park shots:

And the best part is that it’s only 5 more sleeps until I see my folks again! Woo hoo!!!