July Binned Things aka Empties!

This is one of my favourite posts to read when it comes to other peoples’ blogs. For those unfamiliar with this concept, empties posts go through all the finished products for the month and it tends to come with a mini review. Because I knew I was doing this post for the first time, I shuffled all the empty packets and bottles off into a basket to prevent a fiasco like last month’s, where Mr Prince threw out a bunch of them, thinking I was being messy and leaving my toiletries around the house!

This month, we have:

Vaseline aloe fresh hydrating lotion:
Great light moisturiser that absorbs quickly and keeps skin soft. This bottle was passed along to me by my friend, Miss Serious about Cats aka Miss SC, who also gave me the Wheels and Dollbaby top I wore to high tea recently, when she had to move, so, thanks! As a person who moisturises her body daily, I’m a huge fan of this!
Repurchase? You bet! I have tons others to get through, but I’ve already bought a huge pump bottle of this!

Homebrand makeup remover pads:
Nothing terribly exciting, does the job and is cheap.
Repurchase? Already have.

Q10 Smartskin SPF 15 moisturiser:
Bought on a whim, I used to have this in my travel bag. It has a slightly more cream-like consistency than the lotions I’m used to, but doesn’t feel too rich on the skin. I just had to use this up because I thought it was getting a little old.
Repurchase? It’s not bad, but not amazing. Maybe.

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion:
Received as a sample, supposed to make eyeshadows really pop and prevent creasing. Didn’t think this did too much for me.
Repurchase? Unlikely.

Bova hand cream:
Received as a freebie, it’s very liquidy and smelled odd, like a light chemical fragrance.
Repurchase? No.

Skinvitals multi-peptide flex-cloth mask:
One of those masks with ear loops and chin straps to stick it to your face, it was a lot of fun to try out! The fit was reasonable, and there was A LOT of serum. It left my skin feeling refreshed and soft.
Repurchase? Maybe.

DB (Designer Brand) eyeliner:
Received as a freebie at the last High Tea party (http://thehighteaparty.com.au/), this came with its own nifty little sharpener in the cap. I’m not a huge fan of pencils, having gotten lazy and now use the self sharpening ones mostly. This one was pretty good, held ok, but was whittled to practically nothing in less than 1 month! Ok, but not amazing.
Repurchase? No.

Biore unclogging scrub:
Used to be in my travel bag, but I took it out to finish it before trying anything else. My skin felt all clean and lovely after using this scrub. Definitely a winner!
Repurchase? After using all my other products! Very likely.

Bloom organics romantic floral soap:
Part of a beauty box from my wonderful friend, Miss SC, this little bar lasted me about 3 weeks before quitting! It was excellent value and smelled pretty, but sadly, the scent didn’t linger after my showers.
Repurchase? Not a huge fan of bar soap as it gets slippery in the shower and falls out of my hands (first world problem, I know!), so, unlikely.

Benefit High Beam:
A highlighter that I used regularly under my blush. It’s light and illuminated without making me look shiny.
Repurchase? I do have a bunch of others to use, so it’s on my list of items I like, but not just yet.

Biore pore strips:
Used two of them! Happy to report that there aren’t tons on the pore strip after use, but still worth placing on my nose every couple of weeks.
Repurchase? Very likely.

Palmer’s eventone BB cream:
Love this stuff! Really great coverage with an almost lily scent. If you’re looking for the signature scent that comes with just about every product, then this one isn’t for you. For a Western BB cream, this stuff is fantastic! The only real con is the fact that it dries super fast, so you need to work it in before it gets streaky.
Repurchase? If I can get through my other things for coverage, yes!

Dove invisible dry aerosol deodorant:
A regular staple for me, I love this one!
Repurchase? Yes!                                      
Palmer’s massage cream for stretch marks:
From a baby expo (I think), this was passed to me by my friend, Mrs Seriously Great Friend. Mrs SGF didn’t see a need for this (and I don’t think she has any stretch marks post baby, so she might have been right) and I used it as a body lotion instead! Smelled great and was super moisturising.
Repurchase? Have other body lotions, so no.

Dove cucumber and green tea scent roll on deodorant:
Smells great, but leaves streaky white marks. Dove is my go-to brand for deodorants. Liked the lack of perspiration, but not the streaks. Used it up, was from my travel case.
Repurchase? Unlikely - bought this in the US for $1.

Caron bump eraiser:
AMAZING ingrown hair product! It’s a brilliant balm-like texture, and this little tube lasted me for over 8 months! Couldn’t recommend it enough.
Repurchase? Yes - was looking for this, but could only find the lotion version, so we’ll see how I feel about that!

And there you have it! My July binned things - sorry it’s so long!