Review: Ulta3 Volume and Length Mascara *

Hello, lovelies! Now, we all know how much I love Ulta3 nail polishes, as well as a number of their gorgeous products, and so naturally, I was eager to try out their Volume and Length Mascara!

This mascara comes in a fat little tube that is hot pink and that alone made me happy. I mean, hot pink? Fat? Tube? Love the packaging! 

However, I found not just the packaging to be fat once I got the brush out. As you can see, the brush itself is quite thick, and slightly curved. The size of the brush made it a little cumbersome to get the mascara on, but the shape of it meant that it was a bit easier to spread the product on the lashes, than it would have been if the brush had been straight.

I found this to add a bit of volume, but not length, to the lashes, which didn't surprise me. My lashes are as stubborn as their owner, and length and curl are always a surprise when they turn up, and definitely not expected. 

Sadly, what I was disappointed by was the smudging - not quite panda city, but enough that I found myself wiping under my eyes twice daily when wearing this mascara.

Overall, while I like the packaging and the brand itself, this mascara isn't one of my favourite products from them. However, given how much I like by Ulta3, this certainly doesn't put me off trying other makeup products by them!

Have you tried this mascara before? What's your favourite Ulta3 product?

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own.


  1. Aw no!! I havent tried ulta mascaras before but i lot of the drugstore mascaras i got from when i was a teen would smudge like a windscreen.

  2. I have only tried one of their mascaras and that was the black tubed one, that doesn't smudge so give that a go!

  3. Smudging from mascara is not a great thing! I've never tried Ulta3 products but herd their nail polishes are great :)

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