Nailed It! Ft. Faby in You're On Pandora

And the metallics are back! I don't tend to wear a lot of gold, but sometimes, you just have to! Despite the warmer weather shown earlier this week, I decided to go with a cooler shade for this weekend, as it's kinda dark and gloomy. For that, I picked You're On Pandora by Faby.

It's a light, cool gold, which would probably look really great with a tan, but alas, I don't currently have one.

And here it is, an ode to sunnier and warmer days to come!

Have a beautiful week, everyone!


  1. Oh very pretty!! I'm really impressed by the quality of Faby polishes :D
    Me too... I'm working on my tan at the moment, I got crop circle like tan on my shoulder from my holiday lol


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