Review: Crop Natural Skincare *

I love discovering new brands and products - because that's the kind of passion beauty bloggers share! I was recently sent a selection of goodies from the brand Crop, and just as a spoiler, I've have you know that I'm loving it, but you're going to have to read through to find out why!

Firstly, who is Crop? Crop is a cruelty free brand that prides itself on producing skincare products that are at least 95% naturally derived and enriched with essential oil blends. The cosmetic line is enhanced with vitamins E and A, sweet almond oil, palm kernels, shea and babassu butter.

All their products are dermatologically tested, and they leave out all the things you'd rather not have in there, such as petrochemicals, sulphates and parabens, to name a few.  

Interestingly, the makeup is also meant to have natural SPF in it.

The idea of this Australian owned brand invokes healthy skin and natural beauty - definitely something I can get behind! You can find out more about them over here

Their pure rosehip oil comes in a brown dropper bottle containing 20 ml of product. The oil itself is quite clear and only smells faintly of rosehip. 

This lovely oil is relatively light weight and gets absorbed quite nicely. Given how nicely this oil is working on my skin, I would quite like to try the argan and macadamia oils. 

This retails for $18.00.

Of the two shades of lipstick available, I was sent 'Spice', which is a lovely rose nude. This comes in a matte black case with a clear portion as part of the cap.

It glides on nicely, and keeps the lips well moisturised. The colour payoff is excellent for a nude, and the only drawback I can see is that the colour range is extremely limited! You can pick this up for $18.00.

Last, but certainly not least, the blush! I received this in 'Bouquet', which is the only blush shade they have. I love the design stamped into it - how pretty does that look?

Having a range of shades in one compact means that you can tailor the exact shade that you want to your liking. I'm a bit of a lazy girl, so I've just been using the whole blush in one big swirl. Easy peasy!

This goes on easily, and adds a healthy glow without shimmer. This will set you back $24.00.

Using both the lipstick and blush, I created this every day, laid back look. That lipstick is just so easy to wear!

Aside from ordering online, you can buy it in store at Coles supermarkets. Overall, I've enjoyed my introduction to this brand, and would like to have a closer look at the rest of the range.

Have you tried this brand before? What would you like to try first?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. Great review! The blush certainly looks pretty!

  2. Wow I would love to get my hands on some of these products, I especially love the pacakging! Great reviews :) x

  3. Oh that blush !!!! <3 natural products are always a win!! I have seen crop around insta but never tried it!! Im looking forward to seeing it in stores :)

  4. How convenient that this brand is available at Coles! I love the lipstick shade, it is one that I would choose from a larger range!

  5. I haven't tried this brand before, I think the packaging is really cute. The blush colour looks really pretty.

    1. Thank you! I love the ethos behind it all.


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