Nailed It! Ft. Essence Metal Glam in Glamour Girls

Bring on the brights! I can see myself rocking a whole lot of metallics this season, and why not? They are hot as temporary tattoos on the skin, and just as amazing on the digits.

This particular nail polish came from the Metal Glam collection that was available in Priceline a while back, and I loved it so much, I swooped in and bought one of each!

It's just a teensy bit streaky, but nothing a bit of extra paint can't cover up!

What are you fancying on your fingers this week?


  1. A very pretty gun metal colou :) Some of those temp tattoos i've seen on instagram looks amazing!! esp the gold ones. I've still got my Faby on, i can't wait till summer so i can paint my toes and wear thongs!

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