Review: Mad Potion by Katy Perry *

Katy Perry has enjoyed tremendous success in the musical world, so it's not surprise that she's creating quite a stir in the perfume world as well. She has gone from cat shaped bottles to pointy ones, and now, her latest creation - Mad Potion.

I have to admit to not liking the original Purr perfume at all when it first came out, despite the bottle and me being cat crazy, but I really liked the Killer Queen perfume quite a lot, so I was pretty excited to give this a go when I was given the chance to.

Firstly, can we all just appreciate how cute the box is? Polkadots on a black background with pink lettering? Very carny! 

I also love the bottle - just like that of a potion! The cap is plastic, pink and has sparkles in it. There are three black strips around the neck of the bottle, and the bottle itself is glass and has a frosted finish. The perfume itself is actually also purple.

So, what's in the perfume?

Top notes: Tahitian Vanilla Orchid, Apple Musk, Pink Peonies
Heart notes: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Creamy Musk, Jasmine Petals 
Base notes: Mexican Vanilla Bean Absolute, Magical Musk, Glowing Amber

I find this to smell very creamy, almost chocolatey, which is probably the musk, with a hint of jasmine once it dries down a little. It's not quite as mad as the name would suggest, but it's certainly a scent you can wear quite comfortably.

You will be able to pick these up in 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles for $39, $49 and $69 respectively.

Have you tried this yet? Which one of her perfumes do you like the most?

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* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. Ooh, I think I'd like this perfume. Great review, Leah

  2. I havent tried any of Katy Perry's perfumes, but I love the bottle its so cute!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  3. I still need to try this to see if it lasts for a whole day... may do that tomorrow.. I get into such a predictable routine that I end up using the same perfume on a daily basis, it's so hard to break the habit!!

  4. I remember you commenting about the chocolate scent and I can vaguely pick it up when I spritz this now! I love this one as a light day fragrance :)

  5. I've been loving this fragrance since I received it! I agree it isn't what I would have classed as "mad" but it's definitely a fun scent! I love it!

  6. I love both Royal Revolution and Killer Queen - haven't had a sniff of this one yet, sounds delish although I don't usually go for foodie fragrances. Glad she's releasing perfume bottles that stand up though lol... xxx


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