7 Wonders Of August 2015

Yay! It's Spring, everybody! How great does it feel? Sure, the weather can still be a little variable at this point, but at least it's Spring, so who cares?

Here's what I reached for super often last month, while waiting for Spring to arrive. Can you tell that I'm excited about Spring?

1) Blinc Shadow Fusion Palette - See full review here. This is just too gorgeous! Easy to blend and beautifully pigmented.

2) La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF 50+ - I don't believe in stepping off the SPF when it gets cooler, and this little baby has helped in keeping my face sufficiently sunscreened.

3) RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil - I'm so loving this rosehip oil! It's not too heavy, sinks into the skin and hydrates the skin. A definite awesome for me!

4) Revo Lip Balm in Coconut - See full review here. Not a huge fan of the scent, given that it's coconut, but love the texture. 

5) Anatomicals The Seven Deadly Skins Melon Body Scrub - Anatomicals makes some of my favourite skincare products, and this scrub a dub dub is awesome! I think I still prefer the grapefruit version, but this makes a nice break from my usual citrus based products.

6) Blinc Eyebrow Mousse in Dark Brunette - See full review here. Great hold, and gorgeously dark on my brows.

7) Boe Professional Colour Last Lipstick in Mocha - See full review here. Stains the lips and is a pretty nude/brown shade. Great for when you want something, but not to much, on the lips.

What did you love last month? Do you see any of your favourites on my list?


  1. I'm keen to give the LRP extra light I try. I also use SPF year round.

  2. This is a great list, that blinc palette is absolutely gorgeous!!! My current go to product is a la clinica sensitive skin moisturiser, my skin is being a !@$*% lol

  3. I need to give that scrub a go.. does it lather? I love a Sanctuary Spa scrub that lathers and I'm dying to find some others x

    1. It doesn't lather, but now I want to have a lathering scrub!

  4. I have that sunscreen as well and it's really great stuff for my oily skin! :)



    1. And also great for my normal skin! Love it when a product works well across the board!


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