Review: Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel And Sculpting Kit *

Happy almost mid-Spring, everyone! Today, we're talking about brows, brows, brows! I never thought that I would care about my brows this much when I was younger, but they have honestly become one of the most important part of my makeup routine!

That's why I was excited when I learned that Rimmel, a good ole drugstore brand, was bringing in some new brow products that weren't just the usual pencil. Instead, they have released an eyebrow gel, which has three colours, and a sculpting kit that comes in two shades.

Let's have a look at the sculpting kit first. This comes in mid brown and dark brown. Given my colouring, I've been using the dark brown, which is actually not as dark a brown as I would have thought it would be.

I use the wax to define my brows initially, like an outline, then the powder to fill in the gaps, followed by some brushing with the spoolie to give it a bit more of a natural look. While I find the wax to glide over my foundation and skin, even on very well moisturised skin, and actually stay on, I do still powder over it to hold things in place, and this seems to work quite well.

This retails for $12.95 and you can find it where Rimmel is sold, at major pharmacies, Target and KMart.

Truth to be told, I was way more excited about the prospect of trying out these eyebrow gels. Despite not being blonde, I was pretty chuffed about the possibility of applying the blonde gel to a friend's brow, given that there aren't that many options available for the fair-haired ones in drugstore ranges!

First, let's just appreciate the size of the brush. It's not as thin as I'd like, and a little longer than ideal, but it does still allow for a fairly comfortable application of the gel, provided that you're careful with the wand.

That said, if you're clumsy, or if your hand slipped, it's easy to go from brows to BROWS! That goes for the blonde shade too. I think with this one, less is certainly more. I do like the formula, in regards to the stay power. It's not one I'd have to worry about running on me, or fading throughout the day. That definitely makes it a bit of a winner!

Again, this retails for $12.95 each, and while it's great that the range does have a pretty great blonde shade, I wish it had more colours, but it is still early days yet!

And there you have it! Affordable, durable drugstore brows! 

Have you tried this range out yet? Which one would you go for?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opnions are my own, as always


  1. Since my brows are so sparse, I'm always on the lookout for a good brow product. Nice to hear about affordable options that can do the job! :)


  2. I am still slowly testing mine out! I've given the lighter brown shades to colleagues and they seem to be loving it! :)

  3. I would love to try an eyebrow gel! Would love to see some swatches of these...

    1. I just couldn't get the colours to come up right on my camera!


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