Spring into Spring: Part Two

One of the biggest things that bugs me in the Summer is that while I love my long hair and I wear it down often, it sometimes gets too hot for me to walk around for too long with it down. I mean, after a while, I start to sweat, then my hair sticks to my head, and it gets crazy annoying! Anyone else? That's a serious #firstworldbeautyproblem, right?

So, it's a good thing that Lady Jayne, who makes the best hair ties (I won't lie, I literally have about three unopened packs lying around in a drawer somewhere), collaborated with We Are Handsome to produce a range of limited edition hair accessories. These have the cutest pouch to hold the accessories, so that they don't go missing in your bag. I mean, honestly, who here has had bobby pins? Exactly right.

If you'd rather wear your hair down than up, perhaps a few quick spritzes of the m a k e Salty Spray will add a bit of bounce while getting you to feel beach ready. Salt sprays don't tend to scrunch my hair, given that it's dead straight, but what I do like about it is that helps with styling, which means that with a couple of sprays, I can get my hair to do things that I normally wouldn't be able to. Bring on the curls and denim shorts!

If you're thinking of doing a serious makeover for the warmer months, how about doing something radical, and changing your hair colour? By that, I mean taking it from your everyday colours to something a little more exciting, such as coral! Fudge is one of the brands that has been on the market for ages, particularly when it comes to exciting hair colours. If coral isn't up your alley, then you could consider all the other colours of the rainbow. Whichever one you choose, though, just be careful when you wash your tresses, because the colour will always run a little! 

I hope that this gives you some ideas for what to do as the warmer weather creeps closer! Shake things up a little this season and remember to let down your hair - or put it up!

* These products were provided for editorial consideration, but my opinions remain my own